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  • Would you like to join Babylon in Dawn of the Lost Nations- Hotseat RP/Diplo Game?

    If you are worried about time, don't be. You would be in an advisory/administrative role mostly.

    If you do join try and come up with a Babylonian sounding name, based on this list of Babylonian names(we are the second nation on the list) or use Lady/Lord Twomorr Owsdawnerr. Likewise, you can make up a position name, or use Shaman.
    BTW: You have about a day to proof read. We have 1 and 1/2 days to get the update up.
    It really doesn't matter, as for the e-mail, what about PMs?
    If you can't PM, you can reach me at
    Why have you not joined!?!?!? IOT are the most amazing things on this forum! At least, the Mini ones are.
    About the Times(yes, we changed the name): That sounds great. I need all the help I can get.
    I can understand that. Feuds do take a lot of work to participate in.
    How about IOTs?
    Also, are you intersted in helping with the Post?
    Maybe a "New Writer Advice" Column?
    Thanks for the welcome. :D
    To start a conversation I will ask a question:
    What do you think about Interactive AARs such as Feuds, RPs, etc.?
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