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  • Phoenix Incorporated is open for business! Fancy a trade pact? A non-aggression pact? Invest in a defence pact with us today and receive a bonus robotic trade pact! Buy three for the price of two!
    Just be aware that the economy works differently now and you'll need to look into securing resources via trade or conquest as needed. Though of course, that was always there, its just more transparent now
    I would like an answer by 9 PM Pacific Time tonight please. The individual articles are not up for negotiation. That being said, the only thing about this treaty is that you will not be making individual trade deals or treaties without Anglo-French approval.
    Sure we can talk, what about? I would like to note though that a refusal to sign the treaty would force us to take action, actions that would ensure Siam would sign said treaty.

    Also, post on my wall, not yours, so I get a notification :)
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