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    Earth 18 Egypt Revisited

    Pigswill: You are basically correct. China has great land and no real AI competition for it. AI struggles with island starts so Japan doesn't bother him much. India expands slow in the BC's due to there being so much jungle for him to cut through. And Mongolia starts on crap land which gives...
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    Earth 18 Egypt Revisited

    Pigswill: There may be a bit of that but .... Was the Mediterranean Sea rich in fish historically? Yes. Did Italy, France, Spain, England, and Greece all have access to iron within their borders in roughly the geographical area depicted in E18? Yes. Were there horses historically in Europe...
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    Earth 18 Egypt Revisited

    Sorry to be jumping in here quite late - I also posted this in the E18 Mali thread. Yes, I am also one of the few who really love the Earth 18 scenario and have played it quite a bit. From my experience, I would add: 1. The starting positions are deliberately not fair as the scenario is trying...
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    Earth18 More Mansa Musa Madness

    Sorry to be jumping in here quite late. Yes, I am also one of the few who really love the Earth 18 scenario and have played it quite a bit. From my experience, I would add: 1. The starting positions are deliberately not fair as the scenario is trying to be historically accurate so the West...
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    What are your Civilization IV unpopular opinions?

    My somewhat unpopular opinion is that which trait is best differs substantially depending on play level: after Philosophical, the best traits are Creative, Charismatic, and Imperialistic by far on Deity level. Because you need something to work with immediately to survive the early game and...
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    Do different AI players have different army builds and preferences?

    I have not code-dived into this subject, but it sure appears from playing that the AI likes to spam its UU. Especially ones like Genghis, Monty, Shaka, Cyrus, Mansa and Alex. But really all of them appear to follow that behavior.
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    Universal Suffrage civic

    Good afternoon all. I cannot locate any thread on this topic. Is US civic ever worth using and if so, in what circumstances?? Full disclosure, I have never used it ever in my several years of playing since 2013 as Representation is just better in the late game. However I play with...
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    [BTS] The lumbermill

    I may be colored in my judgment by the fact I normally play large terra maps on marathon speed in which I build corporations. In those situations, I often found or capture a city in the northern regions which has a mix of grassland forests & tundra forests. Build lumbermills for the NP, then...
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    [BTS] The lumbermill

    For my National Park city, I like to put it in a big forest, build lumbermills for lots of hammers to finish the NP. Then convert all of the forests to preserves for the free specialists after it is built. That has been the one circumstance where I find lumbermills to be worthwhile. If I...
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    Temple of Artemis viable?

    I like to play the Earth 18 scenario as France quite often. In that situation, I often build ToA in Paris and am never sorry I did so. But that's a very specific situation in which: 1. Louis is Industrious 2. Has marble in his capital BFC 3. Can capture three neighboring AI capitals very...
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    [BTS] Several miscellaneous questions

    I think I just learned something new from your post Krikav. So if this is correct, then for example you could build HG right before doing a GS bulb and get significantly more beakers from the bulb. If that is correct, then I never knew that and will start implementing that new knowledge in my...
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    Earth 18, always war, conquest only

    I play E18 quite a bit. In my experience, nothing beats the Europe starts. As France, I can routinely warrior-rush Spain, Germany, and Rome followed by chariot rush of Britain and Greece. Even on immortal level, I can often do that and get Pyramids, GLH, Oracle along with GL, HG, Taj, and MoM...
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    Civ4 BTS v3.19 Patch

    Lymond, I did what you suggested with "about this build", and it says: Civ version: 319 Save version: 302 Build version: (128100) Build date: May 14, 2009 Build: FINAL RELEASE Mod Name: None That makes me think I may have had 3.19 pre-loaded on the disk :confused:
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    Civ4 BTS v3.19 Patch

    Lymond, I got it the old-fashioned way. Bought it out of the box and loaded it onto PC from the CD in it.
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    Civ4 BTS v3.19 Patch

    Hello Lymond/others. I have been trying for two hours to figure out how to load Buffy Mod and can't seem to do it. It appears that I must first download the BTS 3.19 patch, which in turn requires first the BTS 3.17 patch. I was able to download the 3.17 patch but can't seem to find a working...
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