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Sep 26, 2010
Jul 24, 2007
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New York

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Bubble Dragon, from New York

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Sep 26, 2010
    1. N7Noah
      Hi, for Thomas' War, how do you unzip on a Mac? I can't seem to unzip because the 7z program is not availble for Mac. I would realy like to play your mod, but this is a big problem.
    2. VRGS
      You really had good ideas about great persons for civ iv, very nice jobs!

      I was wandering if we could, somehow, work together in the creation of Do you know what would've be really good?

      A king unit, a unit each civ begins with one attached to the palace (if the palace is moved, it moves too), but, during a war, it breaks free and must be protected, otherwise, who loses the king have an anarchy long period during the war or any other penalty that suits it better!

      What do you think about it?

      Thanks in advance!
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    New York
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    Some personal stuff has come up that I've been taking care of. Until then, please bear with me and I'm sorry for not responding to all your posts and PMs.

    Thomas' War 3.5a
    Python Based: Wonders, Civics, Traits, Promotions, Units: A, B, C
    Thomas' War Support: 3.5a Patch, Animated / Static Leader Heads, Animated / Static Wonder Movies​
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