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Jun 25, 2018
Jul 31, 2011
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AFK Forum Warrior

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Jun 25, 2018
    1. christos200
      Okey then but fast because i can make the rest wait only up to 4 hours. Als sent a pm to Yoshi that if they want accept you will attack.
    2. christos200
      Attack now because the update is going to come soon.
    3. christos200
      But we will remain in power.
    4. christos200
      As you show the commies want war. Now we will give them war.
    5. christos200
      I already did that. I gave to almost all rebels ministries but no one accepted. The commies want to kill me, Allah just wants to be the real allah and the rest dont hear me. I know that is dificult but if we win this some of the rebels that i had pm'ed will join us. I will try to make a peace threaty. But maybe we should sent at secret orders to Yoshi to attack them at secret.
    6. christos200
      Dont listen to those who say that i will fall. I have 110 prestige and the second most powerfull has only 80 prestige. My power will be 5 times stronger than before. With your prestige and some rebels that now are netural and some good luck we will win. I mean exxcept if both of us have less than 15 no one can win us. Even if we loose we can cheat death 5 times and make a counter attack.
    7. christos200
      Okey. For being friend you will become minister of production ( your job is to tell what each city will product) and general.

      Now give order to attack the rebels. Yoshiegg737 said that with our united prestige we can win the rebels.

      Just post an order that you attack the communists and the rebels.
    8. christos200
      Feud IV:

      Viktor you will become national guard. Do you accept the position?
    9. mayor
      did my VM just dissapear?

      and nice profile pic btw

      EDIT: hmmm apparently not...
    10. mayor
      Tycho! get your butt over here!!! :p
    11. hoplitejoe
      You guys are all immigrants! I thought you may well have Dutch ancestors somewhere :p
      I am doing a physics degree so I think I should probably be as enthusiastic as you about space :p
    12. hoplitejoe
      Indeed. you at all Dutch then? Or maybe an Astronomer?
    13. hoplitejoe
      I am just a genius like that :D Why name yourself after Tycho Brahe?
    14. hoplitejoe
      Does you name come from the astronomer Tycho Brahe?
    15. JamesCaesar
      deadline for the s&t times is today! Get your work in!
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    Nothing much to see here, move along.

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