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Jun 25, 2018
Jul 31, 2011
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Jun 25, 2018
    1. Terrance888
      Cool. :). Thanks for your participation.
    2. Terrance888
      Also, I'd like if you discuss with me your desired aim of this section before sending me an awesome completed story :). #neverending prefered, but PM is fine.
    3. Terrance888
      Gem_Hound is about to post. Here is some info for you and some questions.
      1) you have a commander with your reserves: Who is he, and how does he react?
      2) Your reserves have a few hundred on both flanks still alive- mostly so you can storify their end however you like. Do they kill someone attempting to surrendur? To they fake a surrendur? Fight to the death? Fall back for the Hills so they have the message? Up to you.
      3) Your guards have flanked the Armoricans once again, between their new Phalanx and their archers: they cannot contact your normal folks, what do they do?
      4) Your hill force does not know what is happening to your reserves until a messagner comes.
    4. Bair_the_Normal
      India notes the industrial capabilities of Portugal, and would like to extend an offer of an annual bulk shipment of Indian raw iron and coal ore, in exchange for whatever manufactured goods Portugal has to offer.
    5. Terrance888
      This sounds interesting but we cannot commit this year as our budget is quite set at this time. Please, recontact us next year and we will consider further your offer.
    6. Terrance888
      Not at this time, no. We do admit our current fleet is quite shoddy and behind the times, and any suggestions to aid that would be very welcome.

    7. Terrance888
      We are interested with a proposal which mirrors that of Normandy and Prussia (i.e. I made before) from some time ago. Namely, not only we lower tariffs towards each other, but also apply said lower tariffs to goods which pass through our country to be reexported. This means that Spanish or Occitanian or even British goods would find it preferable to pass through Protugal before crossing for Florida; in the same vein for Union or Central American goods.
    8. Radio Noer
      Radio Noer
      Just a heads up, Spaceman involved you in his RP, so it may be wise to respond ;)
    9. Terrance888
      Option #2 dude. :)
    10. thomas.berubeg
      I am still judging, correct? (Death was the judge I was going to use.) If so, You should probably mark in the thread that You, ME, and (I presume) SK are judging?
    11. Radio Noer
      Radio Noer
      Don't forget to write some RP! Exciting stuff is happening!
    12. Radio Noer
      Radio Noer
      No, the former owner only participated for the first update, so maybe write just a little update to get him back up to speed.
    13. Radio Noer
      Radio Noer
      I think he is rather erratic. I was told by his creator that he was unpredictable like a storm. At this point though, he isn't very developed, so you should be able to go whichever way you want with him.
    14. Radio Noer
      Radio Noer
      With my update coming up, are you still considering joining my NES as Procell? If not, I'll be sure to write a grisly end for him.
    15. Blaze Injun
      Blaze Injun
      TychoNES: Tournament. Who are the Judges? Can I join? Maybe? Kill Girl Miyabi or someone new if that is needed?

      Blaze injun
    16. Nuka-sama
      Interesting nes, I want to be either a femm fatale or a little girl >_>
    17. Terrance888
      Just bored. All my humanish-ideas are really bland. High-tech stuff don't appeal to me.

      I can be Ronald the Zombie Clown.

      Or I can be A DRAGON, HEAR ME ROAR! (growls a lizard smaller than a Moniter) FEAR ME OR PERISH!


      I am mostly working on the update anyways, so most of my ideas are either stuff my players made up or stuff that are exactly like the stuff my players made up.
    18. Terrance888

      How about I'm a large dragon for... Liliputians, but that size for everyone else. :p
    19. Terrance888
      CAN l BE A DRAGON?
    20. Terrance888
      1) Yes. Pommerania doesn't give a damn and would help you. Hamburg refuses to help or let your troops through, although they still let merchants and let you collect taxes and stuff.

      2) Yeah, they are in the Cornwall area.
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