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Jun 25, 2018
Jul 31, 2011
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Jun 25, 2018
    1. Terrance888
      I don't think that purity matters after the purificaiton process? Gold is gold. :p

      Besides, if you don't have pine trees, how do you have all the references to amber? Amber disks, Amber Gold, amber this amber that. :D
    2. Terrance888
      :rolleyes: on the gold. At least go with amber- we have 2 nations producing gold as of now already.
    3. SKILORD
      24 hour warning.
    4. SKILORD
      The Koreans would be willing to accept technologies, some sort of special diplomatic status, or a new trade good (if you were interested in writing a story about a trade good you're making before next week) for their Kimonos, which will give you an extra EP for the next 4 turns.
    5. Terrance888
      The thing is, barbaric groups are really diverse. The foremost group likes your fighting spirit and wishes to join you, and even help convince those in the back to join as well or fight them if they don't. In Samnia's case, they have lots of personal loyalty to the House Tatius, so when one of them killed the other, declared themselves free, they basically ripped their nation in two; half supported him and the other half supported you and the pro-valyrian government. It's that during that turn, your kept your soldiers holed up in Sarkov, so the pro-valyrians are massacred or forced to flee.
    6. Terrance888
      You realize they're mad that you promised peace... and simply took that away?
    7. Terrance888
      Write stories, young Merchant! For each story brings a bounty of 1EP per turn...
    8. Terrance888
      "Need to create more wonders... I need more and more cash..."

      Me: OMG! Going industrious give more cashz than commercial!

      Then I learned Industrious does not give discount for self-designed projects.
    9. Terrance888
      Now you know how I felt during that time. :p
    10. Terrance888
    11. Terrance888
    12. Terrance888
      Um... it is non agression between Satura and You. I don't know if they wish to attack or take a breather, but we will keep that in mind if the war continues.
    13. Terrance888
      We thank you and will cease, from this point on, all future aid to the Khan in this current conflict.
    14. Terrance888
      OOC: You need to participate more in Absolution, cuz Blaze Injun is just walking all over you, basically.
      I just want you to know I really did not have ANYTHING to do with the Khan's invasion. I stalled it by leeching some EP from him to buy some useless tech (like Sailing, and he hates Iron Working- told me myself before I offered it, not that I would).
      Anyway, I am willing to offer you Cartography in exchange for 1 EP.Orlando can stop on the front lines along the way home (before heavenly dragon forces arrive). I really want this to be a true five-player superpower-manipulation game, instead of basically two such players with SKILORD making Iberios the third.
    15. SKILORD
      To: The Great Shang Empire
      From: The Celestial Kingdom of Kitanato

      We are interested in trading our Chex Boards for your Pearls, do you find this offer agreeable?
    16. SKILORD
      To: The Great Shang Empire
      From: Kush

      Would you be willing to sell us Iron Working for 2 EP?
    17. SKILORD
      Hey, when you do your orders I just wanted to let you know that I gave you credit towards Iron Working for your story and it'll take 2 off of the cost.
    18. Tomorrow's Dawn
      Tomorrow's Dawn
      Alright, I'm tackling a composition right now, so I'll have more time to send you mine over Spring Break (next week).
    19. dot80
      I have invited you to the AAR SG I have made. It is a good community to discuss forum games such as Realpolitiks
    20. SKILORD
      24 hour warning.
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