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Jul 29, 2017
Sep 22, 2006
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Deity, from London

tycoonist was last seen:
Jul 29, 2017
    1. Boundless
    2. Boundless
      Well the website i've found that does it automates everything for us, so even if people drop out, the game can continue.. but all you need is 10mins a day to play your turn.. let me know if you are interested :)
    3. Boundless
      Still interested in playing RISK?
    4. _random_
      I can't say for certain that he hasn't. I haven't read the book in its entirety, and its tone is more academic than what I'm accustomed to, so it's possible I've missed some things. I recommended it because it's more or less entirely aimed at your criticism.
    5. _random_
      If that's the case, then you're not going to find any "broad consensus." Only 38% of Natural Scientists are nonbelieivers. Even if there were consensus among them, I'm not sure what would qualify them to discuss it.

      Yes, although he discusses it in more depth in The Existence of God.

      Not that I can recall.



      Yes. Feel free to read the book yourself if your university library has it.
    6. _random_
      With all due respect, I'm more inclined to believe the broad consensus of the philosophical community than online boasts yet to be explained in any serious detail.

      Essentially, Swinburne is arguing that properties associated with the Christian God, like omnipotence, ombnibenevolence, Trinity, and incarnation in the person of Jesus of Nazareth are the sorts of properties we could logically expect God to have. He does spend a bit of time arguing for the historicity of the Resurrection, but that's pretty much the extent to which he references the Bible.
    7. _random_
      Well, if you'd like to see somebody justify the Christian God as logical, I'd suggest you check out The Christian God by Swinburne, which is built around that premise. Still, I don't think you can claim it's really self-explanatory when so many people disagree with it, including the sort of people who really ought to be able to catch self-explanatory logic.
    8. _random_
      The sheer number of people who disagree with that, including the likes of Richard Swinburne and Alvin Plantinga, would suggest otherwise, but suit yourself.
    9. _random_
      Turns out he had you confused with somebody else. Also, so as to respect the memory of Mr. Hitchens, would you mind this here? I'd like to hear some explanation, and I'm sure many prominent philosophers would as well.
    10. _random_
      Bill wants you to come back to #fiftychat.
    11. Abaddon
      How do you view the opposite cartoon for SMBC?
    12. Catharsis
      Hey tycoonist, you have the EPYC poop at the moment right? How is that going?
    13. Takhisis
    14. Kraznaya
      there's no way you should be in bronze if you're watching matches and follow TL

      are you only on EU? I could give you some pointers if you're on NA
    15. Abaddon
    16. Takhisis
      You're still on the Mafia player list… the Mars Attacks! Mafia game needs new players!
    17. Yared
      :D yapp
    18. Yared
      He'll come back soon enough. It's Sweden's national day today so I'm showing the Three Crowns.
    19. Yared
      :D welcome back
    20. Yared
      Where have you been :(
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