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  • If the US is united under one American Alliance or country, would your IOT go global and the losers claim the previously offscreen nations?

    Also, is there any point to having more than one military academy or naval academy?
    But if you did do my orders, I am. 99% of the time, the mod screws me up so much it isn't worth playing anymore.
    No, I shall not drop out. VINLAND GU BRATH!

    And I missed it because Dakota would not try compromising me, and our talking ran to the deadline.
    i'll do that then ;) expect my choice later today. I'm currently at work and want to read into the different NPC's before I make a choice. My enrollment ;) should be in, in about..... 6-7 hours from now :)
    I was about to ask you if i could still join your IOT when I saw MadMan backed out, so I guess I can ;) What do you recommed? taking over his Nation, and NPC or create a new one?
    I guess I should just create sections of the Compact dealing with all the areas, although the Polish dispute over the Accords still hasn't been settled.....
    If you're planing to attack the Hegemony, you can still claim, the Hegemony is not a state anymore its rebels, and you can invade them and still claim. But if you're going to invade France, the full DoW rules are in place.
    Would you like to join Babylon in Dawn of the Lost Nations- Hotseat RP/Diplo Game?

    If you are worried about time, don't be. You would be in an advisory/administrative role mostly.

    If you do join try and come up with a Babylonian sounding name, based on this list of Babylonian names(we are the second nation on the list) or use Lord Tyo Kazzer. Likewise, you can make up a position name, or use Advisior to the King of Babylon.
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