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  • None off the top of my head, and I have literally only managed to get IRC to work twice in my life. I'll be out for most of the day, and if it's detailed discussion I prefer PMs anyway.
    Though I still need to finish my sign up I have done the stats for my three chars; I reduced the piloting of the trader to make him humorously bad at driving; I used the 4 spare points from it into the 4th loyalty upgrade.
    I just had a genius idea. Recalmation is the no Jar Jar Binks timeline. It makes perfect sense.

    Jar Jar Binks never existed. The events of Episode 1 still largely go the same, gungans prolly take more casualities and thus the CIS looks stronger (hence why they attempt a second invasion), but still get defeated because putting the AI of your droids in an external space station is stupid. However, when Palpatine becomes chancellor, someone /other/ than Binks takes his seat in the senate. OTL, Binks was the deciding vote which allowed Palaptine to get supreme executive power. ITL, the naboo senator votes no, making a completely split vote. Palpatine decides to act as the tiebreaker, which causes an uproar, and hence why both governments are kind of legitimate.

    Search your feelings, Tyo, you know its true.
    Sure thing, that said it looks quite probable that it will go into abeyance at best. Incidentally if I was mistaken in assuming your co-operation on the joint race proposal as it is, my apologies on that.
    China will try to peacefully meditate the conflict and will not accept either a Russian conquest of Turkestan nor a Turkestan intervention in Siberia.
    You could ally with the Baltic Union and Turkestan and attack the other post-Soviet states. I could meditate such deal. If you invade a post-Soviet state, China will not intervene even if Turkestan decides to do so. However, an invasion of Turkestan or the Baltic Union will cause a Chinese intervention.
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