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Um the Muse

King, from surrounded in the USA

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Oct 21, 2012
    1. Seraiel
    2. learner gamer
      learner gamer
      I wish I could take the credit :D but they're from another person named Tanoy Sinha. I agree though, there are some great tutorials on his channel...for which he deserves huge kudos. :)
    3. lymond
      Thanks for your interest, Um. I always had the intent of continuing making Civ LPs but the recording software really start to crap out on my old PC. Actually, I wanted to do some tutorial type vids as well, since there really aren't many like that for IV. Anyway, I do have a new PC so I may fire that stuff up again. The hurdle is setting all up - it's not simple.
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    surrounded in the USA
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    "There is no principle held so firmly nor fondly it can’t be set aside to more conveniently judge others."
    Hazel, Tales of Mu (warning: NSFW)​