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    Rise from Erebus 1.4 Bug Thread

    I noticed at least one script has trouble running because I have Civ IV installed on a non-default location. I also get a harddisk error at certain points, apparently the game is trying to access a directory that doesn't exist. I'm not sure what's causing it, specifically. I got this same...
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    Settler upgrade tree?

    Ah. I guess the sevo/civilopedia entry updates are on the to-do list, then, I'd hope.
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    Settler upgrade tree?

    I've noticed the following line for Settlers Settlers->Colonists->Pioneers But as near as I can tell their statistics are identical, and they also look identical within the Sevopedia.. What exactly is the point of the upgrade tree if all it changes is the name? Or am I missing some...
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    Missing Civilopedia Entries?

    I've noticed that Decius appears on several different leader lists, and has no civilopedia entry. Did I make a mistake when installing Fall From Heaven II?
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    Any mod to have 14 factions?

    Actually, in this context, CFC refers to Civilization Fanatics Center. And the edits necessary to give a game more than 7 factions at once would require reverse-engineering and/or altering the Alpha Centauri executable(The progam that runs it), and thus, a violation of the EULA(End User License...
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    you have selected an unusable voice capture device

    There is actually a separate .INI file for each of the expansions, so look for it in the subfolder for whatever expansion you're using. IE, if you've altered the .INI file in the Civilization IV and Warlords folders, but you're playing Beyond the Sword, it won't fix the problem.
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    FfH2 0.30 Bug Thread

    Sorry, but I've only started downloading the new patches just now. Do I have to download the whole thing over again, or is there a patch for 0.25 -> 0.30?
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    [Beyond the Sword] Necro Cristi

    Looks like you're off to a good start. I can't wait until you get more of it completed.
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    Anyone else notice

    I guess I'm not the conneseur that everyone else is. I didn't notice.
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    Anyone else notice

    That Civ 3 had better backwards compatibility for mods than Civ 4?(Using Vanilla mods on expansion, etc).
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    Sevomod--Warlords Version

    *sighs* Damn it.. I'm missing out.. I can't find my CD for the vanilla Civ 4..
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    Not sure where else to suggest this..

    Do technical problems with MODs get discussed here as well? or just the mods themselves?
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    Not sure where else to suggest this..

    But maybe we should have a seperate section for Warlords-compatible/specific material? I just tried running one of the mods in Warlords, and apparently, it's incompatible with Warlords, as it crashed the game.(Fall From heaven 2.2)
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    Test of Time mod/scenario help

    I meant when I attempted to use the the command line.. And when I dragged and dropped, the scenario converted, but would crash ToT.. and my ToT is version 1.11...
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    Test of Time mod/scenario help

    I bought the test of time download version, and, try as I might, I cannot get any of the scenarios to work(or the patches for that matter, to turn it into FW, and can't use MGE since I'm not using a CD, and the No-CD crack doesn't work on the MGE conversion), nor can I figure out how to use the...
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