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  • Hey Vert, I just recently updated NESCraft after a long hiatus - wondering if you're still interested or if you would mind someone taking over your character?
    Nice story. Remember quality is better than quantity any day of the week. If you are busy with school, just write something sweet and it will be nice. Your realm is in an interesting position and now that you have Heras-Fel agents... well, great. I want to hear more info about the Suns.
    I hope you like your resulting profile. I'll post it by the end of the week (hopefully).
    Nah, it's cool. Zem is still chilling with the Collectivity, and agitating for a commencement of war against Zan Kena.
    Have you quit GalaxyNES Vertinari? I am feeling very irritated, I had to rewrite a lot of backstory to fit you in, and now there has been no word from Zem since you joined. If you're going to quit, or are too busy to participate, please say so. Otherwise, I hope to hear some word from you soon!
    So yea, you kind of effect multiple empires this turn, so orders from you would be incredibly appreciated XD
    Sorry about that. I was kind of all over the place yesterday. Anyway, I gave you a response and I'm looking forward to your orders and story.
    Indeed, we can talk in social group thread as my box is 94% full and I need to clean it out in the weekend.
    Hey. We are buds so far an Arrakis. I'll invite you to the Norther Arrakis Pact and Eastern Errovus T(w)oo
    Sorry about the delay; your visitor message got swamped by Birdjaguar's ones. I've added your bits of the update now.
    I haven't got any orders from you; if you can get them in before 1 pm, I'll still certainly accept them.
    No worries - I'm quite a chaotic moderator and it's first time I running a NES so I blame myself and continue, I got enough players on board so :p
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