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Apr 11, 2011
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meh Jun 18, 2019

    1. StashMcWhalen
      Hey, I've been reading a lot of your posts; thank you for helping me understand the game mechanics.
      1. Victoria
        happy to be of help. If there is anything you need to know just ask on the forum, everyone is super helpful.
        Sep 6, 2020
    2. attorneyatlol
      Hey Victoria -- I keep seeing old posts where you refer people to links in your signature for strategy advice, but I can't seem to find your signature. Did you remove it or am I missing something obvious?
      1. Victoria
        You probably are not on a device that shows them. Try a browser not on a phone.
        Nov 28, 2019
    3. Victoria
    4. TChalla
      youre a genius
      1. Victoria
        No I am not, just a mechanic who is helpful.
        Mar 29, 2019
    5. Victoria
      The seas have risen and I have floated off.
      1. My5t1kal likes this.
    6. Snoopy13
      Hi Victoria! I keep seeing you on all the stuff I’m hunting down. I’m learning Civ, do you stream at all? So I can ask you hundreds of questions while you try to play? =)
    7. AnthonyPaulO
      Just wanted to say thank you for your contributions; don't leave Civ VI, there's other leaders besides Victoria, and one day she will rule once again! :D
    8. poundjd
      Hey, I just went to download your guides and all but one was deleted?
    9. Victoria
      Sick of unpleasant people
      1. My5t1kal likes this.
      2. poundjd
        We all run into them, Don't let them define the world for you! You are too helpful for too many people, we need people like you!
        Jun 15, 2018
        hapseleg and My5t1kal like this.
    10. gozpel
      Petek merged my 2 accounts and here I am. I still don't have the ability to start a new conversation? Maybe I need a certain amount of posts, since the forum changed after I left? Pls send me a PM! :)
      1. vdocuments2016 likes this.
      2. Victoria
        Click on someone’s picture and one of the options is to start a new conversation... or you can do it from your inbox
        Apr 30, 2018
        gozpel likes this.
    11. Victoria
      trying to leave this stupid game
      1. gozpel
        The game changed from a warring game with upt to a builder game. I played 4000 hrs on civ 5 and recorded 20 wins, because it is boring. Civ3 offered the stacking of units, which made it very fun and scary playing on Deity, so unless arty-stacking gets back, then this game is just a builder game, no more. :(
        Apr 27, 2018
      2. Victoria
        I have pretty much stopped playing because they have nerfed Victoria so badly. Before she was a tier C civ with the ability to be tier1 at times due to Pax, I liked that, made her challenging and fun.... now she is just gah. I have played many hours on VI, certainly over 2K honest hours (not steam hours) and 90% as Victoria. Nerfing her has seriously upset me.
        Apr 27, 2018
      3. hapseleg
        Feb 20, 2021
    12. JurisK
      Hi! is it ok if i ask here about Mary Leakey ability? I have a strange issue that her effect disappeared in some 5 turns or so. When activated i could see multiplied tourism numbers in great work window but then suddenly in one particular tur tourism output was back to standart. Any clue why that happens?
      ...... after reloading and testing seems that heritage tourism policy somehow conflicts with her ability
    13. poundjd
      How do I BUY apostles w/FAITH; I Know that when I get the answer it'll be a REAL OMG event for me!!!
      1. Synobun
        You need to have a temple constructed in the city you're trying to buy the apostle in.
        Mar 17, 2018
    14. FearSunn
      Hey! I think it was your idea you expressed somewhere in discussions on adaptive game difficulty. I've been inspired by that and eventually made Adaptive Difficulty mod. Just wanted to express my credits to you on this matter:)
      1. Victoria
        I'll have to give it a go sometime. I really like the idea.
        Mar 5, 2018
    15. Ferocitus
      I bet tinnitus sufferers would love some form of "PermaIg" to get relief from
      the ever-present, annoying buzzing in their ears. Wise choice, Victoria!
      1. Victoria likes this.
    16. Lee Duane Fitzsimmons
      Lee Duane Fitzsimmons
      You are clearly a valuable asset for these forums. Thank you for time and effort. We'll see around.... :-)
    17. gunnergoz
      Hi. You're clearly very expert at this game. Can you please take a moment to tell me the pros and cons of agreeing to open borders in Civ VI?
    18. Victoria
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