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  • They're anything but left-wing, they're Fascists, murderers, torturers; mobsters who take pizzu from any and all productive businesses) and they constantly siphon off anything of value into stocks, property and Swiss bank accounts. Next!
    You have sleeping wuarters at uni? Here it's just like high school, open building, anyone comes in or out, no ID required, you have your life somewhere else. Must be odd to live at college…
    So you was still awake… being the real badass Skinhead, ey? ;)

    (I'll be doing the same in two weeks' time after term ends :mischief:)
    Me too, uni's proving to be a real pain in the neck. Blender takes a few hours with no interruptions to get something important done. Same for GIMP. :(
    Your border is one territory away from enemy lands… I'll see where to place it when I get there, I'll need at least another turn. Better strengthen my territories (and also ensure more income) first.
    Your downvoting them is unexplainable… btw I'll place some garrisons at your border so I can back up my troops against the Thracians.
    Actually, we were thinking of the Mediterranean… Thrace simply has to go, and there is an undefended nation on African soil… you have a 75-quality army right on my border :eek:, and we do have a pact. If I broke it, my pacts with Illyria and Rome would fall apart and it'd be too much trouble to handle. Expect Rome to invade undefended Carthage very soon… assuming tailless keeps the game running.
    I'd watch my Eastern end if I were you. Now Vindex is gone, Bactria could turn their attentions… elsewhere.
    That's OK. I'm cutting down a bit on Internet time myself, at least until RL gets stabilised and I get my uni schedules into something normal (I hate getting up at 5 a.m. but they just sorted us with some random algorithm instead of letting us choose our own class times according to jobs/etc.) :crazyeye:
    Virote, it's been a week since your last IOT II activity; are you planning on quitting the game?

    If so, please tell me how you would like the Persian lands distributed(NPC, to a player, or turned back into uninhabited lands).

    I'd suggest turning them over to the Caliphate if anyone in particular, even if that's insensitive of the Shi'a-Sunni split...
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