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    Slower Tech by Era

    The mod not appear :(
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    Quick Questions / Quick Answers

    I have the event and decision mod. But i not find the button with the list of all things(victory etc) with enact decision. How is?
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    Civ 5 more popular than Civ 6

    The IA are the weaker point in the Civ, in the paradox games(Europa universalis 4) the diplomacy are very deeper if Civ 6 or Civ 7 have a sistem like Europauniversalis(with points if you have +1 they accept,attitude friendly/hostile,threathened,protective etc...) i think become a perfect game...
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    [BNW] Download the world builder

    Is possible download the SDK complete with World builder because i have downloaded, they not find the path, they say, choose manually the path, but do istant error!
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    CIV5 SDK is not visible in steam [SOLVED]

    Hi! I want Download the world builder, but they not run! How to resolve it (i have windows 10)
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