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    Do AI Cheat? What tips can you give to a not so good Civ Player

    I'm trying to play the game, and I like to get challenged but not to the point of constant frustration and raging at a game. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but it always seems that the AI is able to EXPLODE when expanding. It'll be still very early in the game and they are somehow...
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    No penalty for first turn buying?

    Are you talking about rushing buildings? It is very powerful, especially for expansion and city growth, for new cities I'd rush theater, granary, and some sort of food production. And having to go back to the city after completion of the building, use the que system bud... hold down SHIFT for...
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    Cavalry: The new threat

    OFF TOPIC POST I'd just like to add, many things were aristocratic, for example hoplites, calvary, people that used heavy armory, and in today's terms tanks and airplanes. They all required money and time invested (special training) that peasants couldn't invest in, this is when hoplites...
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    Unlimited Golden Ages

    it would sure put all those great prophets to work
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    HELP!: Domestic Advisor + Revolution watch all messed up

    I'm glad to see we are getting the brainstorming, but what I would wonder is why would re-installing AND not fix it? Also, I tried re-installing the ENTIRE game, telling it to delete userdata with each uninstallation. If you know the correct Ini's could we just have someone with a working...
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    World Shape bugged? Toroid (x,y-wrap)

    and i was mistaken, I didn't figure out a fix, but a way to tell at the beginning of the game if the world is flat, world builder! Gotta sort of do it with my eyes closed so i don't spoil my game with knowing prime locations
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    Cultural Conquest of Cities

    really? is there any fix for this? because i love cultural swaps, AND i love fixed borders :\
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    World Shape bugged? Toroid (x,y-wrap)

    Problem: ROM: Medium Small map has a World Shape Toroid (x,y-wrap) feature but the world ends up being FLAT (no wrap around at all) and it takes quite a bit if playing a slow speed to figure that out.
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    HELP!: Domestic Advisor + Revolution watch all messed up

    one simple problem and no one with a solution. bump. Maybe one day someone will help
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    (1.76 beta) What happen to Revolutions?

    Son of a B*tch, even in the beta, my revolutions menu is still messed up as i describe in my previous post. There has to be a solution, and it should be stickied or put in the FAQ because there has to be others with the exact same problem...
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    HELP!: Domestic Advisor + Revolution watch all messed up

    no, but that IS the window to edit what is shown in the advisor, and instead of clicking the yellow highlighted button i pressed the red crossed out button on the far right, which apparently reloads it default or something...
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    (1.76 beta) What happen to Revolutions?

    yeah it doesn't seem to be working for me either
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    (1.76 beta) What happen to Revolutions?

    Is it just me, or does 1.76 NOT have revolutions? There IS the option to enable\disable them, i UNCHECK NO revolutions. But when I get in game i don't see a revolutions watch button, nor does my indepth city details have a revolution status bar. Am I missing something?
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    Domestic Advisor + Revolution

    47 views and no reply, I know other people who've had this problem in the AND forums, and they can't get any help either... SOMEONE has to know what folder\files to delete or edit
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    HELP!: Domestic Advisor + Revolution watch all messed up

    My Domestic Advisor + Revolution is STILL broken :( I even re-installed the entire game and it still isn't fixed :( Anyone know what setting is broken and how to fix it?
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