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w a i n y
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May 16, 2014
Jul 4, 2011
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w a i n y

Let's Play Deity!, from Toronto

w a i n y was last seen:
May 16, 2014
    1. The_J
      Oh, you'll laugh now, but the admins just implemented what you suggested in the last days...coincidence :lol:.
    2. The_J
      We thought about it, but for the total amount of people who post here, we're just not enough to do it.
      I also hope that this is only a temporary thing (again). It has been really bad in the last days, but was pretty okay before. If it doesn't change, then we'll have to think about other options to combat it.
    3. w a i n y
      w a i n y
      It's a surprise!
    4. ShahJahanII
      So, what is next?
      Waiting for the next patch I guess.
    5. tnavres
      You're my hero! Saw you here putzing around; here is a quick shout out before I head to the poker room.
    6. w a i n y
      w a i n y
      I hope the strategy I'm showing in the current LP will work for you if you want to go on the offensive with no unique units. You'll also see me go directly for education after steel and use a great engineer from the Hagia Sophia to rush the Porcelain Tower (assuming all goes well), at which point I will start with research agreements. You don't need military techs beyond steel, at least not right away.
      Liberty is definitely the most powerful tree, due to the free settler, meritocracy for loads of happiness and the free great person. I wouldn't vary that part of your strategy, just try to keep your military together while you push for education to get your science up.
      Hope this helps.
    7. Lichgate
      Should I be spending my money on early RAs, buying something specific? I usually save a good portion of my cash for upgrading units.

      Also, regardless of what I do (which is to be expected), Its nearly impossible for me to make peace with any of the larger players once they make war on me. Going on the offensive in Diety is extremely difficult, and whether I kill everything they send or not, it makes little difference in terms of a peace negotiation.

      Lastly, In terms of science, I find I have to go for the military researches in order to survive or even attempt to assault another player. This tends to hurt my science over time keeping up with the computer. I end up getting Universities much later, and often run out of funds simply by the amount of upgrading I have to do. I utilize nearly every possible gold making feature I can (open borders, selling strategic resources)...any tips on generating science?
    8. Lichgate
      Hey mate, read some of your stuff before, so I consider you a knowledgable and competant player. If you've got a few minutes to enlighten me, would greatly appreciate it.

      Been playing Civ for many years, but having some difficulties getting any kinda of regular victory on Diety difficulty. I've managed to win only twice so far, and thats after dozens and dozens of tries. Can you give me some specific tips that are key to winning on diety level?

      For instance, I always go for the Liberty tree in order to keep up early on. Is there a better way?

      Rest on next message...
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