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  • Seriously now, please don't shame everybody else with all that 'national identity=cursing' crap.
    (Need a clue? read my location ;))
    I assume from the colour of that avatar and your desire to curse that you support the Septic Football Club? :mischief:
    Hi Glaeder. It's a good idea to ask things by PM

    For creating graphics, I use Blender for all mesh editing and rigging, also using the Niftools .nif export scripts for blender.

    For texture editing, I use photoshop.

    And for finishing touches, shaders, kf editing, tweaking, and previewing, I use nifskope.

    You should create a thread in the main C&C forum here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/forumdisplay.php?f=158

    Ask all your questions, and also where to get the above stuff, because I forgot where the nif scripts and nifskope are.
    Hey WarKirby

    I'd like to creat my own unit graphics, but I don't know how to do that and what programs to use.

    Could you help me please?
    well, downloading them is pretty self explanatory.

    The stuff I've uploaded is modding resources though. It's not a sabre tooth tiger unit, it's just a model. It takes someone tomake a unit, add it to a civ, setup spawning for it, etc. I don't do that. I just make neat art for people.
    Hello! Im new to this site and well...can you tell me how to download all the add-ons and custom units? Please I could use the help because i really want to download your saber-tooth tiger to my game.
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