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    Favorite Great People?

    Absolutely he does feel very powerful, but I think all the best great people feel like cheating, which is why they're so desired. Like Shah Jahan who was brought up a few times, just hands you completed wonders. I wish every great person would have that same overpowered feeling. Great Artists...
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    Favorite Great People?

    I think in this case the purpose is a discussion. After all, a favorite is a very subjective thing. If we just posted our top five favorites with no discussion, it would be pretty boring and useless. Since a discussion is happening regardless of how many Great People people include on their...
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    Thank You, from Firaxis!

    Whenever someone asks what my favorite video game is Civilization is what I tell them. Thank you for your hard work guys, keep it up!
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    what most annoys you about Civ 6?

    I do agree that the diplomatic victory is silly. The only way to succeed is to game the system and vote against yourself so that you only go down by 1 point instead of two, then gain points from the other categories. It's frustrating how far removed from diplomacy the "diplomatic" victory is. I...
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    what most annoys you about Civ 6?

    One thing that drives me constantly crazy, especially since it was an option in past Civ games in the franchise, is that Civ VI includes absolutely no diplomatic way to ask a Civilization to stop their war against a City State. I was shocked that the option wasn't in the game on release, but I...
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    What's next for paid content in the Civ franchise?

    The problem is, Dramatic Ages was just tacked on as an afterthought. If something similar were included in Civ VII, planned ahead, and incorporated into the core game I think it could be a very successful feature. Dramatic ages though had none of that through integration. I never play with it...
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    Anybody else waiting with its next game until the update drops?

    I think I've got enough time to play through one more game before the next patch drops, so I'm not avoiding creating a game, buuuut I am going to be playing with a Civ that I don't think is likely to be changed much. I would hate to play through a game with a Civ and then have that same Civ go...
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    Did I just get a new patch installed?

    Loading Civ VI and then closing it again became buggy messes after this new launcher. Thankfully there was a solution for me here. Bypassing the launcher fixed the problems, so I agree with this sentiments completely. I don't know what 2K's goal with the new launcher was, but they succeeded in...
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    What Kinds of Leaders Should Be In Future Civ Games and Expansions

    This is something that I think has to be a case-by-case basis. I don't think the game needs to be strictly limited to government rulers (and because of Gandhi, it has never been so limited), but opening it up to any influential person from that Civilization also would feel wrong. I think it...
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    Why are the civs' abilities so underwhelming?

    And that's an understandable opinion. Not restarting would likely more often put someone into a situation where they'd have to overcome more challenges, getting them extra practice at the game mechanics. Though I would argue that you can learn the game mechanics well regardless of your...
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    Why are the civs' abilities so underwhelming?

    It's great if you like to roll with whatever start you get, that's a fun way to play for sure, but-- It's a logical fallacy to conclude that someone who is looking for a particular kind of start is unskilled at the game. There are so many exceptions that it is beyond counting. For example, a...
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    [NFP] Was Frontier Pack a success for you?

    That logic can only be carried so far. If I advertise a sports car and deliver a bicycle, "The final choice is still in the hands of the consumer" isn't a valid defense.To make sure any transaction goes well is a shared responsibility between the consumer and the seller. Of course, there is some...
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    [NFP] Was Frontier Pack a success for you?

    I'm happy you're content with what we got in NFP, I really am. I'm glad the Dev's work have an audience that appreciates it. Creating anything is difficult, let alone a complex game like Civ. What I take umbrage with is how much of the content of NFP came out of left field without that change...
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    [NFP] Was Frontier Pack a success for you?

    Now that the last game mode has been announced, I want to get something off my chest that I've been feeling for awhile with these patches and I think this thread is the best place. I feel misled by Firaxis about the New Frontier Pass. I know the history vs. fantasy topic has been discussed to...
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    [NFP] Civ VI Design Poll

    I agree, NFP has been terrible for the game mechanics in my opinion, but I'm fairly happy with the design of the Civs (reused animation excluded). Gaul and Vietnam are some of my new absolute favorites. I do hope some NFP Civs are included in the upcoming balance pass though so the weaker...
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