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Dec 17, 2004
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Sep 5, 1962 (Age: 58)

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Keep Calm and Carry On, 58, from Chicago

Retired Moderator
    1. BCLG100
      Nah she realised her mistake a few months ago! But the field is currently playing me with the law school!

      I totally misread that second part but glad i gave it a re-read, is she the lovely blonde haired lady that seems to frequently appear in your facebook pictures?

      Yeah we should, active posters= about 15, everyone is growing up and having kids, i swear there are more offspring of the members there now than members themselves, plus you're our only connection to the outside internets- you should start bringing people back over to visit your den! shabba has taken to closing them now!
    2. Whomp
      Hah...what's up S? Same girl or are you playing the field again?

      I'm still alive and well. I'm dating a gal with a 9 yr old boy and 6 yr old girl. All boy and all girl...it's been fun.

      Over here at CFC, I've been playing in a SG with El Justo and his Age of Imperialism mod and talking sports.
      Can we start some spam at CDZ? It's awfully quiet there.
    3. BCLG100
      Can't believe you're still going buddy! do you get much time for civ now the world is in financial ruin?!
    4. Whomp
      Great news. I miss your humor. (add the u if you must) :D

      I'm not at home so I can't really throw this out to the other mods (Eran or El Mach). If you wouldn't mind, ask them.

      It is a little user specific but if it's about threads that might be ok.
    5. PrinceOfLeigh
      Hey Whomper,

      I'm making a semi-comeback for a little while and I've noticed a lot of people have come and gone. I wanted to start a thread in which we reminisce about those members who have moved on. Is that ok or is it too "spammy"? I was going to refer to particular threads that members have posted on if that makes it in line with the rules.


      Semi Coming Back
    6. Abaddon
      Please do not pester, perturb, provoke, perplex, punch, pick, pounce, push, pull, pry, poke, peck, prod, pinch, paw, pop, pluck, plink, plonk, plunk, plaid, paisley or polka-dot the panda!
    7. warpus
      Hey Whomp, is there no way to prevent n00bs from starting new threads? There has been an unusual number of spam threads lately (as you guys know). Wouldn't they stop if you made it so that only people with 5+ (or 10+ or whatever) posts could start new threads? I've seen that on other forums.
    8. Abaddon
      Yo, I started some pure roleplay, non-linear world creation thing in Games.. check it out!
    9. Nitram15
      Can we be friends?
    10. Tom Dong
      Tom Dong
      Hi there,

      As a moderator, do you have any idea how I can get my account/username deleted (and if possible any related posts?). I tried the "contact us" section but haven't got a response.

      Thanks for your help
    11. Whomp
      If someone is flaming you then report it. I suggest you report speedos post and we will address it.

      A good rule of thumb for you is attack the issue and not the person.
    12. nokmirt
      This member had better get an infraction too. Whats good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

      Originally Posted by Speedo
      You won't find a law or rule anywhere that shields you from the consequences of your actions. In this case, you insist on blindly clinging to moronic opinions, so naturally you're going to be treated like a moron.

      Ok so you are calling me a moron. END

      So I made a moronic response, so I guess now I am a moron. Because I said they made an idiotic response. This warrants an infraction, correct? This is getting way out of hand
    13. nokmirt
      This is favoritism Bill3000 is your friend. Who is the overseer of moderators, I want to talk to him.
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    Sep 5, 1962 (Age: 58)
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    When all the experts and forecasts agree -- something else is going to happen. --Bob Farrell