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  • Hi Xenomorph,
    here is the solution for the nukebomber - atomic blast - this was missing in CIV4EffectInfos.xml.
    Now the DCM and your Nukebomber is working perfect. :)))

    <Description>Jet Fighter Nuke Animations</Description>

    <Description>Nuke Bomb Explosion</Description>
    no - the Atomic Bomber of DCM has also no BIG BOOM effect.
    Stealth bomber, jetfigher are running normal. I have the issues with this B29 model and nukebomber from DCM. Using the Bomber.kfm from this folders.
    The sound of the nuke is there but there is only a very tiny explosion by bomb a city with units. No bomb drop visible, if the bomb drop at terrain field there is no explosion

    Do you have any idea ?
    Hi Xenomorph,

    i just will ask you for help about the B29 bomber.

    the model is great and i use this one and also the nukebomber from DCM in
    my private mod.
    But i have one issue with the unvisible atomic explosion ..... detonation sound is ok.
    The model nif and kfm is linked correcly, do you have any idea :confused:
    Is there any code to add in the CIV4EffectInfos.xml :confused:

    My game run on BTS 3.19 Next War incl. DCM.

    Can you help me about it ........ please.

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