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    [Civ2] Civ Map Keeps crashing on Resource Seed

    @Prof. Garfield - I used foxaheads patch, but it did not work. @Knighttime - I can use the custom field on the first menu without any problems.
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    [Civ2] Civ Map Keeps crashing on Resource Seed

    As per title. I can do everything else on map maker with no problem, but whenever I try to 'set resource seed' it crashes. I use Windows 10 x64 if there are any suggestions.
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    Live Tuner Question

    Initially when I do an all-AI game, Autoplay (1), reveal map, I can have the score list on. However, after I reload the game, the score list disappears and won't return no matter how often I fiddle with it in options. Is it because my civilization is technically dead/i'm an observer? Is there...
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    What mods do I need for an all-AI game?

    I've been recently toying with it and got the SDK kit. However, I run into 2 issues. 1. The more Civs/City States, the more lag and likely the game to crash. Understandable and from what I can tell, no way around it. 2. The thing I'm more trying to control, when I use the dedicated pitboss...
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    The Test Of Time Patch Project

    First time using the patch, and the AI doesn't try to build wonders (possibly other things as well, but I haven't noticed) since I've started using it. Could you let me know what I could do to mitigate this? Thanks!
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    How far west could the Soviets have invaded...

    Sorry, my mind was a bit out of it when I asked that. By China, I actually wondered about the possibilities of both Nationalist and Communist temporarily working together under the pretext that the USSR is too busy in Europe to stop them from trying to retake say Mongolia and most of the...
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    How far west could the Soviets have invaded...

    Question: America also heavily supplied China...what's to stop China from helping the Soviet Union or even China attacking to recover rightful territory from Russia?
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    All-AI game?

    I'm just interested to know if I can set up games where I don't participate at all (short of clicking next turn and viewing the map) and just view AI attack/trade/etc. I know this was possible in Civ2 with the Set Human Player to none cheat (even better if that civ would get destroyed and you...
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    Keeping Computer in Peace

    As much as I like playing with others, another passion of mines is watching computer duel with eachother. Just set whatever civ I picked to no human player in Cheats and let'em rip. I've always had a few problems with this and just wanted to know if there are any tips to fixing. 1. Keeping...
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    Alternate History #5

    So, I shouldn't post Alternate History 6: What if the Cheeseburger never existed?
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    Worst form of human life in history

    Undercivilized, (ZOMG, LOL I made an insulting pun with your name too.) Actually the only thing keeping him alive is Medical Advances, Technology and knowing he has a family to look forward to if he ever wakes up....but whatever makes you happy. Yes, because after all, a planned Genocide to...
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    Worst form of human life in history

    1. He is still alive. 2. Murderer to you, War Hero to me. Anyways, another bad time might be a Liberian during the war, that might be one of the worst places to have lived recently, that and under Taliban rule.
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    What 10 Civilizations will be in Beyond the Sword?

    With any luck the Israelis & Ethiopians will be one of them. They are one of the overdue civs that deserve to be in there with their history. Also, if we want an Oceanian empire, use the Tu'i Tongan empire.
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    How did roman money work?

    Then the price of said chicken goes up. Supply and Demand. =)
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    What 5 Civilizations Should Always Be In Civ?

    Hmm.. China, Egypt, Greece, Israel & Rome. If I had to only narrow it down to 5.
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