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    Mazera Mega Story Thread

    nvm 10 chars
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    The god's Horde.(FfHDI3)

    Charadon wakes up early one dawn, and his eyes are blinded by a shining light. Then he realizes it is just the sun, scorching into his retina from the thin atmosphere this time of morn. However, in his near-blinded state upon waking, he notices a moving blob growing larger. Immediately he gets a...
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    Perhaps a winter priest could turn a tile within Illian territory to Snow/Ice. I think the priests are rare enough themselves that it should prove worthwhile without being OP
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    Swords vs Axes

    yea, a champion should probably either replace one of the Tier 4s, or be a "seperate" tier 3 unit which requires level 6, and gives a couple first strikes, as well as possibly allowing you to buy the hero promotion at level 10. I'd say national limit of 4 for such champions. For orcs, a champion...
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    Wouldn't it be great if The Great Wall...

    Or once you build the wonder it makes a few tiles of great wall, and you can build new great walls via build improvement.
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    The god's Horde.(FfHDI3)

    Im almost done with my changes ... here, I will go ahead and post the save, I will post the story later (probably quite a bit later)
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    The god's Horde.(FfHDI3)

    ok, got the save
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    Wouldn't it be great if The Great Wall...

    I don't really think it is needed, although I would not really care if it was added. If anything, since its supposed to be vs. Riders, should probably add +2 to movement cost. Although if Keshik ignore movement cost, that would be Ironic. Maybe have it somehow not connected to terrain, so...
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    The god's Horde.(FfHDI3)

    Could I temporarily Adopt the god Junil? that is, until Thomas gets back in the game and starts posting?
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    Naeralith Reborn: MODMOD Design and Implementation

    english muffins only exist in america. In england they are called "muffins"
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    FfH2 Roleplaying Games [Thread III]

    I think I head some warning that hamachi was under construction or something, although the soonest I would be available for a game would probably be on saturday
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    FfH2 Roleplaying Games [Thread III]

    Well, in the Illian vs Malakim game, my capital city, the one I complained about .. had 2 population the entire game :D Now, normally this could seem terrible, although since I was forced to Rex it ended up working rather well. I was able to build a settler in 25 turns on average in the...
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    FfH2 Roleplaying Games [Thread III]

    anyone up for a game?
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    FfH Roleplaying Game Saturday!!

    Well, if your gonna still be ready in about 3-4 hours or tomorrow, I think that sounds like an AWESOME IDEA :D as of right now I am at the house that does not support creativity. AKA the DOOM HOUSE muahahahaha. But yea, I think it would be useful, your on! hehe.
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