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  • Please ask any questions in the thread. I don't have time to answer, but others will help you. :)
    Hello I got a minor but really annoying problem

    I really want to download MEM but for that I had to first download the Conquests v 1.22 update.

    so I download it, install it and play it... then a message pops up that states That I do not have my Conquests disk inserted in my drive.

    true v 1.0 did not require a disk so after a little digging I retrieve it and put it in my drive.

    And I will be damned if that same message popped up again.

    I have no idea why that happens but I had to reinstall conquests just to use it again.

    has this happened to anyone else? do you know how to fix it because I really want to try your mod out.
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