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Apr 18, 2019 at 3:40 PM
Apr 12, 2015
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Morose & Lugubrious, from franconia

yung.carl.jung was last seen:
Apr 18, 2019 at 3:40 PM
    1. Ferocitus
      Maybe cool when I was < 30! I know BS from the lovely song Pepper: the others, no idea.
      A game wouldn't work well. Like me, I suspect you're on the autie spectrum when it comes to bands and their genealogies.
      I know a lot of very obscure ones:The Fish John West Rejects, McKenzie Theory, Chicken Shack.
      I also love finding songs I like with < 20 views on youtube. Hardly fair! :)
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    2. Ferocitus
    3. Ferocitus
      Sorry, I don't know why you wrote CIA Man with three "!!!". Have you not heard it before? Or just that you like it?
      The sound is "rough as guts" (as we say here) but the lyrics are sharp.
      Chicago 8 has Allen Ginsburg in the witness dock shouting, "Moloch, Moloch" while Hoffman goose-steps along the bar table, and Bobby Seale is bound and gagged in a chair. Show biz and freedom - you can't beat the USA at those two.
    4. Mouthwash
    5. Arakhor
      I'd rather have Carlos II of Spain though.
    6. Arakhor
      I too am rather baffled by people keep responding to certain threads, but hey, apparently some people have nothing else better to do.
    7. MartinLuther
      My most favorite is Mm.. Food. I also like Vaudeville Villain, Mouse and the Mask, and Madvillain.
    8. Chum
      Thanks for the pat on the back in the liberty thread. I really tried my best to explain why it's not as inferior as some people like to think, but you can only deal with people who refuse to see for so long.

      Even worse was eating infractions for it once they started reporting me for losing my patience with their inability to read. It's just not worth helping people who clearly don't want to be helped and just want to complain.
    9. Grendeldef
      Cheers. Yeah, I noticed the thread and I'm always looking for new ways to mess around but I'm not the one seeking optimal solutions to much of any problem. The AI is isn't good enough to properly compete for the win so fast times are more reliant to the map than anything else, sadly.
      In case you're interested in not-so-optimal stuff you can check my play throughs in various DCLs & even with few early ICLs.

      Sadly time is limited hence I pretty much only play the DCL and with any new interesting tactics which suits for any particular Civ I'm dependeant of what the current DCL is.
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