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Feb 19, 2009
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insert joke

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    1. Visorslash
      Notw is different to mafia. :p

      In all honesty, I forgot I joined, and then didn't want to back out in case the game couldn't run.
    2. Askthepizzaguy

      June I think.
    3. Askthepizzaguy
      Well, it was quite a caper. After Capo I capitulated to the incapacitating pressure to conform to the social convention of having a capitalized screen name, and I captained a quite seaworthy capital ship around Cape Horn all the way to the Cape Henry where I capsized and swam capriciously to our nation's Capital and then I stormed the Capitol where I demanded the capitalization of my name or else I would be forced to commit murder, which is a capital crime that can result in a warrant for my capture. They were not captivated by my threats, so I bribed them with some of the money I earned as a venture capitalist, and thusly, my screen name was capitalized.
    4. Double A
      Double A
      I'm afraid it's too sexy for CFC, but hopefully the mods are too distracted by its sexiness to notice its sexiness.
    5. Visorslash
      Yeah I can still run the queue.
    6. Antilogic
      Yeah, I have cut back a bit on OT some weeks and then I binge and get nothing real done all day. It's really a massive time sink.
    7. Antilogic
      Was it worth it?
    8. Antilogic
      Right, that was other games. :cringe:

      You permanently quit OT, now I remember.
    9. Antilogic
      Saw you posted over in the Screenshots thread in OT!

      How have you been?
    10. choxorn
      Consider it done.
    11. Ekolite
      Yeah he was a funny guy! I wonder what ever happened to him.
    12. Arakhor
      Why, thank you. They've been there for years by now, but I thought if I'm going to have something political in my signature, I might as well have something that I'd happily live by, not just vote for.
    13. Catharsis
      I'll need the grandchildren to keep tabs on all the stats while I do the stories. Thinking ahead, you see!
    14. Buddhafish
      Nah, I'll stick around for awhile. If at some point in the future I really can't do it, then I'll ask for a replacement. I'll stay in it until that happens though.
    15. SamSniped
      Yeah, I saw, just been busy as hell. Thanks for reminding me :)
    16. choxorn
      Because it's super secret.
    17. spaceman98
      You offered to review my large game, but I don't believe I have currently offered to host a large game? I planned to some time ago, and I did host a (unsuccessful) NOTW game, but I don't have time to host at this moment, and I should have removed myself from the large game and NOTW queues
    18. Buster's Uncle
      Buster's Uncle
      Have you quit again, the z4ck? How will the forum function in the absence of The Sexy?

      Protip: ghost mode is for weasels. We've talked about this.
    19. Visorslash
      Laziness is the bane of my existence. Updated it now, so it won't go out of date for a while.
    20. rugbyLEAGUEfan
      Wow. You were serious. Good on ya, I'm impressed!
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