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    New Version - 2.6 (August 16, 2022)

    New resources look good. I think there is a small issue with the maize background: there are some irregularities on the upper right and upper left. I also think the background is a bit too saturated compared to other resources. It stands out.
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    Hinin's Tweaks for VP

    These tweaks actually look really nice. Gonna try them soon.
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    Curated List of Vox Populi Tips

    I disagree, those tips are fine. They don't have to be interpreted so absolutely. As for roads... if you know there will be a war, key border roads are worth prioritising over most things.
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    Poll: Should culture-specific names for shared units & buildings be replaced with generic names?

    I agree many of them are silly in their current forms, and that the principle of national wonders being "generic" make sense. However they're only worth replacing if a good and exciting replacement can be found - just slapping "National" or "Grand" on various buildings is dull. It's a minor...
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    History/war podcasts or similar while playing

    Just tried this out, starting with the Inca episode. It seems really good. One I haven't seen mentioned is the History of Philosophy podcast. A bit of a different type of history but it's a great podcast. Also recently watched Montemayor's videos on youtube about WW2 naval battles while...
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    May 6 Balance Change Proposals

    I still don't think the extra XP is that strong, or that logistics is a problem. It's fun and I like it. The cost of promotions goes up fast, and I find it's rare for even my best units to reach logistics+range, even skipping indirect fire. Range is the more important promotion, although it's...
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    May 6 Balance Change Proposals

    That's true. It would be nice to have logistics as a free promotion sometimes.
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    May 6 Balance Change Proposals

    The submarine changes sound good. However I am against nerfing logistics. What does the nerf truly accomplish? Logistics is fun. Logistics is powerful, but it doesn't break the game. On land units, range is almost just as powerful, and even more essential in many wars. Double XP is fun, but it...
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    New Version - 2.1.1 (April 26, 2022)

    I also experience it under some circumstances, like when all my units are high CS compared to the city. I've been meaning to create an issue but I don't have a save for it at the moment
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    Best current Vox Populi version for stability?

    The recent versions have been very stable for me. I only play standard size, are you playing larger? You've probably tried reinstalling the mod, updating drivers, and reducing graphics settings, but those things are worth doing if you haven't.
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    Some balance thoughts

    I've seen this problem with all kinds of AIs Is that what I'm suggesting? Maybe we should add a faith bonus too to cement things While modsmods are nice, these (minor) issues remain in base VP which is subject to balance discussion regardless of modmods Well, it still looks a little funny...
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    Some balance thoughts

    I've played around 5 games to completion and many more partial games in the past few months on immortal and standard settings (no events), Communitas or Oval maps. I have a few thoughts on some balance issues. I would like to hear if others agree. Ceremonial Burial This belief is way too...
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    Are puppets irrelevant and can we make them relevant again?

    I agree puppets are usually bad, and the various little issues you list make them not only bad, but also annoying. I particularly don't like being unable to take tiles from puppets. It would be wonderful if these issues could be addressed but I have no idea how difficult it would be technically...
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    New Version - 2.0.3 (April 1, 2022)

    I saw a few cases of the AI not taking goody huts when it could - pic related from a minute ago. It this case they had a warrior in range the turn before. In another game, I was rolling around with an explorer in the renaissance/industrial, and I found myself popping goody huts adjacent to the...
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    Happiness Monopolies - Per Tile

    In my opinion it's OK, or good, that some monopolies scale with the number of tiles, and some don't. If the happiness monopolies are too weak, why not increase the amount of flat happiness? I don't think there's anything wrong with a flat amount of happiness. In some ways it is less flexible...
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