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    [NFP] Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack (January 2021) - Patch Notes Discussion

    I think the tourism boost for monopolies seem broken. I just finished a game as Russia (deity, standard speed, huge map, 12 players) and won a culture victory in 118 turns. I had a monopoly on furs, and that alone gave me 550% tourism boost! Like, it just spats on the meager bonuses of having...
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    [GS] Industrialization in Classical Era (Turn 44)

    Yes. Just allow duplicate civs and leaders from your game settings.
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    [GS] Industrialization in Classical Era (Turn 44)

    Hi! I just want to share a strat (very unusual I think) to unlock Industrialization early. In summary: 1. Have a team of 3 Babylon players. 2. 2 of the Babylon players will build the IZ on their 2nd city. 3. The 3rd Babylon player will build the IZ on its capital, and will receive the other 2...
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