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  • It is indeed possible to convert models from spore to be usable with BTS. I actually did so once.

    There were a few issues involved with the process though. Primarily that Spore's models use far more vertices than civ 4's. Were you interested in converting a few models? If so I'd be willing to give converting Spore's models another go.
    They are conversions from star wars battlefront 2. I used blender to get their animations working and doing some general cleanup though.
    LOL, I have never heard of a request to downgrade a unit from Civ V to Civ IV before! I don't even know if I could get it to work, actually. To be honest, I only spend time converting units to Civ V because there are so few fantasy mods for Civ V and it has been out for 4 years already! I love all of the wonderful Civ IV mods and still play them, but I am trying to get that same potential into Civ V. The more I convert, the more incentive for modders to create more mods :)
    I have seen your mod before, it looks fantastic! I can definitely use at least a couple of items from it; thank you for the permission! Do you have any particular requests to convert something?
    The nukes in RAND used both python & SDK. Python for the UI, SDK for the new features & AI.
    i dont convert things from other games. i convert things from online databases, i import them into blender and export them into nif
    Requires one command, I think, if the units shall start all with the same promotions. It's more difficult if they should be different.
    Seems you've messed up the indentation.
    Can you attach the .py file somewhere?
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