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    [GS] ( Same starting location with AI

    My starting location is the same as one of the city states, the settlers are next to each other and my warrior is on the same tile as the settler for the city state Edit: (8 turns into the game) Apparently AI is unable to resolve situation, instead of looking for a place to settle, its warriors...
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    Artifact Era Bug

    Same here...The message shows the artifact is from the Industrial Era, but in the gallery it is from the Renaissance Era... See artifact 4 tiles up in front of the Spanish shores in the save file.
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    [GS] ( According to Settler lens it is possible to settle land in 3 tile distance (Not a Bug)

    On the map I have 2 continents separated by a strait that is 1 tile wide at its closest. I settled the furthermost tile on one continent yet it shows the tile that is in 3 tile distance on the other continent with green color (available for settling). Haven't tried settling that tile, but I...
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    [GS] ( Artifact's age not consistent with game timeline

    I just excavated an artifact that was determined to be from the Industrial Age from a player that was eliminated well before the Industrial Age...
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    [GS] ( Ex-Capital gained by Loyalty pressure causes Diplomatic Penalty

    Yes, I'm talking about a Diplomatic Favor penalty (-5). And I can understand if it's applied in case of Eleanor, but definitely not in case of other leaders who cannot manipulate Loyalty pressure...In this case, both the Zulu and the Cree were in a Dark Age and I had a Golden Age...
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    [GS] ( Ex-Capital gained by Loyalty pressure causes Diplomatic Penalty

    I am playing with the Maori and the neighboring Zulu lost their capital to the Cree, who then lost it a few turns later due to loyalty issues, and after 10 turns the city willingly asked to enter my civilization, yet I get an Occupied Original Capital Penalty... This is just WRONG!!! I did not...
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    [GS] ( City Ranged Attack button blocked by garrisoned unit

    A lot of times the City Ranged Attack button gets blocked by a garrisoned unit and cannot be selected (magnifying/demagnifying doesn't help either). Only helps if you move out the unit, use the city ranged attack and move the unit back, but it's only a workaround and it's not a solution when...
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    [GS] Quadrireme removed from production even though Square Rigging or Refining has not been discovered

    I did research Steel, but I didn't find the obsolete condition anywhere written, not in the description of Quadrireme or Steel, so I assumed it must be when a new Naval Ranger is introduced (Square Rigging and Refining). Then the Civilopedia needs to be updated...
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    [GS] Quadrireme removed from production even though Square Rigging or Refining has not been discovered

    ( I had 2 quadriremes in production, 1-2 turns from completion and they were removed from production even though neither Square Rigging nor Refining has been discovered. There's not even a single message about why it happened or anything...What gives?
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    [GS] Wrong builder tooltip for Maori (

    When on a potential plantation tile (Cocoa etc), the tooltip for Maori builder action indicates +1 Production, but the real effect is -1 Production!! Very misleading!!!
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    Pledge considered broken when I have Open Borders with AI (

    Well, basically what the title says, I had open borders, was moving my troops across the AI's territory when I got this message and a -6 penalty in AI relations...This is just wrong, this should not be calculated/evaluated when I have an open border agreement. Please fix!!!
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    Trade route capacity is not calculated correctly (

    OK, I found the cause...there was a World Congress resolution which awarded me with an extra trade route and it expires in 2 turns...A message about expiring World Congress benefits would be nice, though... The available trade route problem (Buda to Antioch not showing up) still remains to be...
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    Trade route capacity is not calculated correctly (

    After getting an extra trade route from activating Zheng He (after also building the Colossus) the number of available trade routes is calculated incorrectly. See attached file Added a second file from a few turns earlier where Zheng is not yet activated, after it's activated and the trader is...
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    Amenity distribution should have priority settings or the algorithm should be improved

    I haven't found a way to set priorities for the amenity distribution algorithm (if there is one then please let me know). Case in point: I took over a free state and managed to get down Loyalty from -23 to -4 and would be able to make it to -1 if I could set the priorities, so the city would be...
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    Policies are not applied when a Wonder is completed (

    When a Wonder that adds a new policy option benefit (Alhambra, Potala Palace etc.) is completed then the effect of the policies is not applied. It should first apply existing policies THEN expand available slots afterwards. It's really annoying, I just took over a free state and theoretically...
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