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Zx Zero Zx
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Jan 8, 2018
Apr 23, 2009
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Zx Zero Zx

Deity, from Minnesota

Zx Zero Zx was last seen:
Jan 8, 2018
    1. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      Nope, not playing yet.
      Challenger #5 doesn't seem that horrible. This is EMP, not deity.
    2. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      Why am I excluded from your challenger discussions? I felt so lonely in the last one...buhuhuhu

      Oh, that's gotta be the first game from ZxZeroZx I can get my hands on. XD

      Of course, he didn't beat you. He is the purest of the purest warmongers evaaa~~~
    3. vranasm
      I get always screwed with AI distribution... for example the game I have now for game 5... you should (in theory) have either 2, 3 or 4 neighbors...you can guess how many I got them...
      wow you didn't beat my space time? weird.
    4. UnforcedError
      I think his plan is to replay this map over and over and get a culture victory at 2049 AD :)
    5. UnforcedError
      I think so too. Or he's a diplo god :D
    6. UnforcedError
      I thought MTG was a card game. Does it also exist as an RPG?

      In that case Giggles was just too lazy to ship over some troops apparently. Maybe he just wanted to steal a worker :lol:
    7. UnforcedError
      I loved FF too, and still play BG or KOTOR sometimes. I'm also a fan of paper & pen RPGs which we play regularly with friends.

      Well, BQ must be a diplo god. I checked the save of his first attempt on that map. Giggles DoWs on him in 17xx AD with 3 cavs, 2 anti-tanks and a rifle? What a stack! Also, BQ was able to buy him off a few turns later which suggests Giggles must have lost his stack in some other war :confused:
    8. Mylene
      What a fraud ~~
    9. UnforcedError
      It's real fun especially if you're an RPG fan like me :) It just takes a while to figure out how the game plays and what technologies do. BBQ would love it as there is no early slavery and forest chops had been nerved severely. Only that it's actually Mining that enables the chops in that mod :lol:

      TBH I'm really getting fed up with BQ. Now he's replaying that stupid map only to get an even later culture victory :lol:
    10. vranasm
      i totally expect people beating me :-) i was unimpressed with the date. another point is that I don't micro like at all and play around 4 hour games, so I expect bcool or someone will come with ~1500 AD finish.
      I tried with corps, got a bit lucky with getting GE, but got him in time...
    11. vranasm
      yep it's a bit confusing since BtS changed the victory... space race is warlords/vanilla since there you have to finish all parts and it's the end. BtS offers time to react, that's why in HOF there are 2 categories for space (space race and space colony) and it always confuses me which one is demanded :-D
    12. vranasm
      not sure I understand the question...space colony is BtS space ship aka you have to launch and actually succeed... you can avoid some parts (for example it is sufficient to have only 1 SS Engine but you take longer), 5 casings are mandatory since each you don't have means 20% less chance of success, you obviously can risk it, but normally don't want.
      not sure with thrusters...they delay the travel time I think too.
      people usually don't build second Engine, but rest of parts every one. on normal speed the difference is 2 turns in travel time with 1 engine or 2 engines
    13. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      That looks like FFH1 or 2. Ah I remember that exploit where opening chests with multiple units at once gave like so much. Liked the tamed griffins on the mountains and the controlled giants.
      Kael did so much of a great job.

      Anyways, the big dragon protecting his treasure plot seems to come from FFH#1.
    14. UnforcedError
      Sort of :) Dragons seem to be immune to magic, which makes sense. But the Tsunamis allowed me to assassinate all his bodyguards :lol:
    15. UnforcedError
      That's what I finally did :lol: Only that nukes are called tsunami in this game :)
    16. UnforcedError
      Currently trying to do something about a barb dragon sitting around in its city doing nothing with an army good enough to conquer the world. But it's friggin' culture pressing me, so it must go. I just have to figure out how :lol:
    17. UnforcedError
      Also, the AI tends to move the initial settler instead of SIP. Once the culture-minded Balseraphs settled 3t away from my cap threatening to flip me :lol: They were dead before they could tell the tale but it was still infuriating. Also: I don't know what you can do with things like that on Deity. Warrior rushes wouldn't really work there.
    18. UnforcedError
      No, that was Prince :) But some barbs seem to enter your land almost immediately in that mod and I didn't expect that :) And those lizardman even have two moves :lol:
    19. UnforcedError
      On my first attempt some barb lizardman razed my cap on T20 :)
    20. UnforcedError
      I'm playing it at Monarch ATM :lol: It has so many new features it takes some time to get used to.
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