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Zx Zero Zx
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Jan 8, 2018
Apr 23, 2009
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Zx Zero Zx

Deity, from Minnesota

Zx Zero Zx was last seen:
Jan 8, 2018
    1. UnforcedError
      Fall from Heaven. It's a fantasy mod for civ 4.
    2. UnforcedError
      Sounds like pyre zombies in FFH... :)
    3. Mylene
      Why didn't i add you as friend yet, puzzling well here comes a request ~~
    4. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      *enters ZZZ territory*
      *sees a bunch of panthers*


      Wow, that's ultimate spamming. Props. :p
    5. UnforcedError
      God :) What are your traits?
    6. UnforcedError
      I think that's on principle, like founding seven religions :)
    7. UnforcedError
      :lol: That does not surprise me :) Play an Izzy-type game with beelining the Oracle, neglecting worker techs and build the Oracle on unimproved forests in the cap :)
    8. UnforcedError
      I think he's a bit like Bhavv too. Arguing just for argument's sake :)
    9. UnforcedError
      You think he's a Monarch player?
    10. UnforcedError
      I think you're right, he's very much like BQ. He's purposefully misinterpreting comments the way it suits him just to try and get some arguments going for his great strategy.
    11. UnforcedError
      I liked the fact that he wanted to bulb PP for cuir rushes first. That's a really efficient way to get them especially if you have no cottages at all :) But I guess if you already built several completely crap wonders for GPp it doesn't really matter... Anchor What anytime :)
    12. UnforcedError
      Next time I play Egypt I'll build all prophet wonders there is, run priests and settle the great prophets for the production, yay :) (Better than building mines and workshops or whipping, right?) Maybe I even get enough priests to bulb Divine Right which I always wanted to do :lol:
    13. UnforcedError
      I like the fact that they're asking for advice and when you give some they go "no, you suck". Even though all they do is reading up on some obscure strategy and not realizing what the key-point are to actually make the strategy work. Plus they become obsessed with the Mids which is a sure way to lose the game in many cases unless the map allows it.
    14. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      Nope, I haven't looked Code Geass. In fact, it has been a long time I haven't look for animes. Sometimes, I look for mangas though.
      Last anime I tried for the sake of trying was Sankarea (with the bizarre necrophiliac protagonist). I haven't gone past ep.4 . lol
    15. Mylene
      Bizarre, he complains about us being aggressive...uh, glass house and stones ~~
    16. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      Lol I was targeting at ZZZ, but now we are confused each other.

      Admit it Mylene, you like confrontation. Since day 1, I sensed it. We even had confrontations.

      BTW, don't take badly. For some reason, everybody is taking badly what I say.
    17. Mylene
      Not sure why i did :)
      Maybe cos sometimes you see good peoples like Ahcos post in a thread, and feel that scratch to add more.
    18. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      And stop looking at BBQ thread btw.
    19. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      No, I've seen barbs on huts many times.
      I know exactly the code mechanics about this.

      To put in few words, AI units have a sequence of behaviours put in priorities (as read downward in the code) and if we see a match between conditions in which the unit is, the code is not rolling more for the unit and we return to the game with a particular behavior.

      In term of priorities, guarding huts have second priority, just after guarding a barb city if no unit is protecting it.

      Typical barb agressions are located more downward, which makes a guarding barb inoffensive if some unit passes by the guarded hut.
    20. Mylene
      Didn't you already exit the discussion a long time ago (and encouraged others to do so as well)? You're actually not obligated to post in every thread. You're already on the record as a non-believer.

      Current highlight ;)
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