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1000 AD (version 2) for «PSYX's Modern world 4» 2016-10-05

1000 AD (version 2) for «PSYX's Modern world 4»

  1. PSYX
    1000 AD (version 2) for «PSYX's Modern world 4»

    DOWNLOAD RUS CITY NAMES FIX - install for correct names of Rus cities

    Author of scenario: The Navy Seal
    Adaptation and correction of scenario: JLNijholt, PSYX
    Multilanguage of scenario: PSYX

    About scenario:

    - the Viking expansion
    - the Mongol unification under Ghenghis Khan
    - the Crusades.

    Starting on a Huge Worldmap around 1000 AD this scenario features the following civilizations:

    1. (Southern) Sung empire
    2. Heian (Japanese)
    3. French
    4. Arabs
    5. Kingdom of Leon (Spanish)
    6. English
    7. Holy Roman Empire
    8. Kievan Russia
    9. Ghana
    10. Chimu
    11. Mongolian Horde
    12. Olmecs
    13. Byzantine Empire
    14. Danes
    15. Hoysala (Indians)
    16. Koryo
    17. Bantu
    18. Ghaznawids (Seljuks)
    19. Great Plains (Native Americans)
    20. Khmer
    21. Umayyad Caliphate
    22. Buwayhid Emirate
    23. Kingdom of Aksum
    24. Maya
    25. Poland (added)


    1. To copy the folders of « Assets» and « PublicMaps» (from the files of scenario) in the folder of «Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\PSYX's Modern world 4 »
    2. At a question to replace, answer «yes»
    3. To load mod, to load scenario

    Designer notes

    Credit where credit is due: this scenario has been adapted from The Navy Seal's Medieval 1000 AD map for use with PSYX's Modern World 4 mod.

    Issue: when starting up this scenario, unit buttons appear to be missing; however, simply clicking on any unit will fix this.