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11 Additional Scenarios for BtS 2016-10-05

11 Additional Scenarios for BtS

  1. Pacifist46
    11 more scenarios for BtS, from large to small maps, from ancient times to the modern day, from real life maps to complete fiction! All these were created using and are compatible with Beyond the Sword version 3.17.
    Titles include:

    Just four civilizations start on this large, realistic map of the North Atlantic Island. Even staying alive can be counted as success in this land of tundra, mountains and raging barbarians, which descend out of the misty wastes upon your cities. Can you also compete with the other civilizations, and build the strongest empire?

    The Spice Road!
    Under the prosperous reign of King Ovkins, spice is grown on Trader's Isle in the Lard Regime. It is transported to the Inna State through the desert by a road, from which a number of cities have sprung up and become extremely wealthy. However, there are problems. Firstly, Islamic bandits have recently started pillaging and looting caravans along the Spice Road. Secondly, the Inna State is under threat from fierce natives to the north. What's more, these two groups are suspected to be collabarating, co-ordinating their attacks, although no proof has yet been found. But whose side are you on?

    Modern Middle East
    It is an unstable place in modern times, the Middle East. All nations, from the Israelis to the Iranians, are building up their military, in anticipation of war. The situation is a bomb waiting to go off, and this bomb has a very short fuse. Which nation will show the best grasp for modern warfare?

    Beyond the Steppe
    A large map, inhabited by seven different kingdoms hidden away at the edges of the world. Between them lies a huge dry steppe, with sources of food and water scarce indeed. Until now, the people of these kingdoms have been content with their ignorance about what lies across it. But now they direct you to create a great empire, that stretches from one end to the other.

    And there are others too. Enjoy!

    Please comment on which scenarios you like best etc.


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    4. mayafallstoicelandicbarbs_uPq.jpg
    5. spicedimontez_xQm.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. LyraddaryL
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Pretty cool!