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1280*800 Title Screen: T-50 Taking Off 2016-10-05

1280*800 Title Screen: T-50 Taking Off

  1. Sidhepriest
    This is a title screen with the Souhoi T-50 prototype. T-50 is a prototype for the stealthy 5th-generation fighter being developed jointly by Russia & India.

    x_title.pcx goes to \Civ3\Conquests\Art. Backing up the original (like x_title.original.pcx, as an example) might do good.

    To make Civ3 start up with the desktop resolution: add the line Keepres=1 to \Civ3\Conquests\Conquests.ini

    This title screen will work with higher resolutions, of course, but there will be black space around the image.

    Original photo is here, courtesy of Souhoi Design Bureau.


    1. civ3title_41z.png