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1400AD Alternate History (Requires GEM Mod) 2016-10-05

1400AD Alternate History (Requires GEM Mod)

  1. cheesemijit
    This is an Alternate History Scenario for Genghis Kai's Giant Earth Map Mod (Found Here)

    The Current Thread can be found Here Here

    The Develpoment Thread for the Scenario can be found Here

    Beta3 has now been uploaded. Mostly Balance Issues and Changes to make it develop more 'Historically'. I have updated the backstory so have a read, it will make the scenario more interesting to play. I could do with some more feedback, even if its just to tell me i have made or good scenario or that i am a disgrace.

    Beta3 changes
    Spoiler :
    - Added Alot more barbarians all over the map for balance, may need to reduce after playtesting.
    - Put the Mongol Empires onto one team so they dont war eachover and try to keep at war with enimies, sadly it means the DynamicName for each is TimurGolChaOir Alliance.
    - Added Navies for each nation
    - Made the Germanic, Mali, Ava and Champa Civilisations Minor
    - Gave the Aztecs More Units and Made bottom 2 Incan Cities Barbarian for Historical balance.
    - Made No Vassals A default option for balance reasons.
    - Changed Vatakata to Kakaitya for Historical Accuracy
    - Changed Colours Around for some civs for Asthetics

    Beta2 changes
    Spoiler :
    - Changes Moors to Brown for historical reasons.
    - Changes Chagatai to Light Blue to stand out from China More.
    - Adds Default Difficulties to all civs to make larger civs harder for AI, humans recommended 1 or two levels above default (yes that means Diety for Rome).

    - This is a very big map with many civilisations so be prepared if you have an slow computer. i should be making a version with 28-32 Civs, but it will come after i make a version for RoM.

    - Islam is meant to represent Any Pagan religion, Judaism is meant to represent Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Christianity is meant to represent Roman Catholicism and Confucianism is meant to represent Americano Paganism.

    - The map is still technically a beta but is playable, please give feedback so i can make improvements.

    Back-Story !Has Been Updated! (A Good Read to get you into the context of the Map)
    Spoiler :

    - Central Asia Around 406 AD
    Attila the Hun dies at childbirth, to the tribe it is just another unlucky soul, and they would never know how much one person could change the world.

    - Rome Around 434 - 476 AD
    With No Hunnic Migrations into Germania, the Germanic Tribes were not forced into conquering Rome, and thus the Western Roman Empire survived.

    - Rome Around 512 AD
    After a few decades, a new Philosophical Emperor came to power. All it took was one charismatic and selfless leader to bring the WRE back on its feet, but he realised at his death it would again deteriorate under other incompetent and greedy emperors, so he abolished the empire, gave more independence to further away provinces and set up a democratic government that improved on the original senate. This government operated much like the current US government but it did not believe in Universal Rights, even though they had restricted slavery. The Fact that Rome Survived meant that trade with China and India continued and therefore these nations flourished more than historically each in their own way.

    - India Around 500 AD – 1125 AD
    The Gupta Empire Stroke a deal with the Roman Republic and Byzantine Empire; granting them their southern territories if they would Send Troops to help defend them from The Hephtalites . They both agreed and sent sizable legions that successfully held off the white Huns and allowed the Gupta Empire to continue and flourished. The Gupta learnt from Roman Culture, Organisation and Military Doctrines and managed to conquer most of India, and as promised they gave the region of Togarum to Rome and Muziris to Byzantium.

    - India Around 1083 AD – 1400 AD
    The Kakatiya Dynasty in Andhra Pradesh Rose up against Gupta Occupation around 1083 AD and managed to conquer all of Gupta Southern India through brute numbers. On many attempts they tried to sack the Roman Colonies of South India but failed due to the skill of Roman and Byzantine Legions. The Kakatiya stopped their expansion north around 1300 AD and secured their borders, but Rome, Byzantium and Gupta are now preparing to pounce on the collapsing Empire to extend their control of India.

    - Byzantium Around 600-650 AD
    The Eastern Roman Empire were also spared from the barbarian pressure in the north, and so they were able to put more military into their eastern and southern territories and managed to expand South through Egypt and Arabia, further enhancing their dominion of the Red Sea, Which allowed both Rome and Byzantium to continue their trade. Because of this Mecca was a under Byzantium occupation and Mohammed, the prophet of the Muslim Faith, was quelled from the start, and the spread of Islam was prevented along with the conquest of the Islamic Caliphate’s . These led to great changes in history; sparing the Sassanid Dynasty and allowing the Byzantines to Hold onto and even expand their territory.

    - Central Asia 600-1000 AD
    Without a Strong enough leader to lead the Huns westward, they begin to slow expand their empire into the less populous lands to the east. Eventually their borders stretch from modern day Ukraine to beyond the Caspian Sea.

    - Asia Around 1206-1380 AD
    The Mongol Horde rises at the hand of Genghis Khan, and he storms his way through the Jin Dynasty (Northern China) and westward upon the Middle East and Eastern Europe. But alas, the world has changed; the Huns have grown their empire and defended their borders well, blocking Genghis Hordes from Europe. And in the Middle East the Arabian Caliphates never came and collapsed, and so a strong Persia blocks it from its historic boundaries. Nevertheless, The Mongols fight on and slowly progress through Iran and Russia, eventually reaching the Caspian and taking the city of Baghdad, where they meet an even stronger enemy, the Eastern Roman Empire.

    - Asia Around 1380-1396 AD
    The Long and brutal conquest of Russia and The Middle east drained the Mongol resources, and at the time of Genghis Death the Mongol Empire collapsed into The Timurids, Golden Horde Khanate, Chagatai Khanate and Oirats Khanate along with many other minor khanates.

    - Rome around 600-1400 793 AD
    As the Byzantines Conquered Egypt and Arabia, the people of the Western Roman Republic lost faith in their rulers. Western Rome had not expanded its borders since Hadrian and The WRR looks weak compared to the ERE, because of this Rome decided to start expanding where it knew there were only weak tribes, south along the African Coast. However, after conquering a few tribes they reached Marrakesh, where their legions were ambushed by an army of moors. A war broke out between Rome and the Moors, and they seemed equal until the Vikings started raiding Britannia and Gaul. Rome had to pull some of their men back from Africa to defend their Richer Provinces, but the moors caught on and as soon as enough of the Romans had been shipped back to Gaul the moors rampaged into modern Morocco and kept storming through roman land all the way to modern Algiers, where they changed their path and used roman boats to sail across to Iberia, where they managed to take the southern half of Iberia within years. The Western Roman Republic and The Moorish Kingdoms have been at war since, and the moors have shown no signs of weakness.

    Spoiler :
    Minor, Important, Mongol Alliance
    1. The Western Roman Republic (Refered to simply as Rome)
    2. The Eastern Roman Empire (Refered to as Byzantium)

    3. The Moors
    4. The Vikings
    5. The Franks (MINOR)
    6. The Vandals (MINOR)
    7. The Visigoths (MINOR)
    8. The Ostrogoths (MINOR)
    9. The Saxons (MINOR)
    10. The Swedes (MINOR)
    11. The Finns (MINOR)

    12. Kievan Russian Kingdom
    13. The Huns (MINOR)
    14. The Songhay (MINOR)
    15. Bantu Peoples (MINOR)
    16. Khoisan Peoples (MINOR)
    17. Shwalli Peoples (MINOR)
    18. Luo Peoples (MINOR)

    19. Kingdom of Axum
    20. The Arabs (MINOR)
    21. Timurid Khanate
    22. Golden Horde Khanate
    23. Chagatai Khanate

    24. Tibetan Peoples (MINOR)
    25. Gupta Kingdom
    26. Kakatiya Dynasty (MINOR)
    27. The Ava Kingdom (MINOR)

    28. The Siamese Kingdom
    29. The Champa Kingdom (MINOR)
    30. Song Dynasty (South China)
    31. Yuan Khanate (North China)
    32. Oirats Khanate

    33. Kingdom of Japan
    34. Malasian Peoples (MINOR)
    35. Papuan Peoples (MINOR)

    36. The Aztecs
    37. The Incans
    38. Columbian Peoples (MINOR)
    39. Pacific-Anowarkowan Peoples (MINOR)
    40. Plains-Indian Peoples (MINOR)
    41. Iroquois Confederacy (MINOR)
    42. Atlantic-Anowarkowan Peoples (MINOR)
    43. Pacific-Texcocoan Peoples (MINOR)
    44. Atlantic-Texcocoan Peoples (MINOR)


    1. civ4screenshot0017_lAO.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0116_7RU.jpg
    3. civ4screenshot0018_9wa.jpg
    4. civ4screenshot0019_34E.jpg
    5. civ4screenshot0020_5My.jpg
    6. civ4screenshot0021_VU3.jpg
    7. civ4screenshot0022_9g1.jpg
    8. civ4screenshot0023_kSx.jpg
    9. civ4screenshot0110_UgF.jpg
    10. civ4screenshot0115_rch.jpg