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15 Earth Maps 2016-10-05

15 Earth Maps

  1. NeverMind
    This pack includes 15 Real Earth maps converted from Civ4. I hope, it will help modders to create some historical scenarios for Colonization.

    1. World Map (Rhye) 124x68
    2. World Map (Carter) 192x120
    3. Giant Earth Map (Genghis Kai) 210x90
    4. America (Knopfdruckoffz) 115x150
    5. South America (Jon Shafer) 44x60
    6. The Caribbean (Cwyn) 84x52
    7. Africa (Jon Shafer) 54x66
    8. India (-sr) 65x64
    9. Indonesia (Madfox) 184x108
    10. East Asia (Jon Shafer) 65x82
    11. The Philippines (wakwak) 48x64
    12. Australia (-sr) 114x80
    13. New Zealand (CMKMStephens) 79x99
    14. Europe (Jon Shafer) 100x73
    15. Antarctica (-sr) 132x104

    Installation: Unpack to Col2/PublicMaps

    Note: These maps are fully playable, but miss some col-specific elements, like marshes and ruins. So they need further development.

    For more info and discussion visit forum thread


    1. col2map_rhyeearth_68e.jpg
    2. col2map_africa_D4O.jpg
    3. col2map_antarctica_jf4.jpg
    4. col2map_australia_wck.jpg
    5. col2map_eastasia_7qC.jpg
    6. col2map_europe_8f5.jpg
    7. col2map_india_3j6.jpg
    8. col2map_america_4Ep.jpg
    9. col2map_caribbean_ULj.jpg
    10. col2map_giantearth_hYz.jpg
    11. col2map_indonesia_mk0.jpg
    12. col2map_newzealand_5fw.jpg
    13. col2map_philippines_lb4.jpg
    14. col2map_samerica_8zG.jpg
    15. col2map_worldcarter_aN8.jpg