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15 Scenarios! 2016-10-05

15 Scenarios!

  1. Pacifist46
    In this zip file are 15 Scenarios for Bts, to keep people busy for ages!

    Some are based on real life maps, some are on fictional maps, and some are completely made up. There's gonna be something for everyone here!

    Titles include:
    A Quest for Middle Earth - play as one of seven different factions in a battle of good and evil set in middle earth. On one side, Sauron and Saruman are gathering their armies - but against them are the Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Hobbits. A game dominated by war.
    Upper vs Lower Egypt - the ancient Kingdom of Egypt is in disarray, and the two halves have separated! Can you lead one and dominate the other?
    Face the Music - five civilizations set out to conquer on a map with a "musical" theme.
    Colonial Possessions - The five leaders on the game who ruled the best overseas empires share a crowded island coming up to the Medieval Age. Explore the lands across the oceans, and meet the different cultures that lie there.
    Rule Alagaesia! - Based on Christopher Paolini's Eragon map, the kingdoms have split up into 18 City States! Take the helm of one, and defeat the others by any means that you wish.
    The Famous Europa - Thirteen European civilizations compete against each other in this non-chronological scenario based on the Europe map. Each civilization starts controlling an appropriate wonder, and bearing appropriate grudges. Also, there is a heavy barbarian influence on the map, and they control many wonders.

    And more.


    1. alicesprings_0X1.jpg
    2. black_gate_14l.jpg
    3. colonial_c54.jpg
    4. king_orrin_hR8.jpg
    5. lostbarbcity_Heu.jpg
    6. saggios_2X6.jpg
    7. tightly_contested_31d.jpg
    8. to_the_sea_nJV.jpg

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  1. LyraddaryL
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Not bad!