2021 EXPANSION 6.8

Civ3 Expansion pack

  1. Erlend Philip Wood
    CIVFANATICS - Header.png

    2021 EXPANSION

    Expansion pack for Civ3 Conquests

    5 years in the making, countless tweaks to improve game balance and expand on game options,
    yet keeping the essence of the original gameplay intact

    • The goal of this expansion is to improve the quality of the standard game as much as possible, by updating statistics, graphics and user interface

    • Mega maps (240x240) with all 31 civilizations available
    • Random maps
    • Grand strategy through the full history of human civilization, from 4000 BC to 2050 AD (550 turns)
    • All units of the original game, plus 10 new ones to fill in gaps
    • Navies are much stronger
    • More aesthetic terrain graphics added
    • Unique team colors (that never change) for each of the 31 civilizations
    • More visible unit cursor and team color discs
    • Strategic resources never disappear
    • Golden Age lasts 40 turns
    • City names added, so every nation has 50 each (none had more than 44, some had only 16)
    • The Unique Units of all nations are much more balanced, and require no strategic resources, so it is always possible to build them
    • Scientific Leaders are disabled, so there is a fair race to build Wonders
    • Military Leaders + Armies replaced with the new General unit
    • Fixed some loud, annoying unit sounds (like the Transport), and assigned sound effects to many units lacking Fortify sounds
    • Barbarians were made a little stronger
    • And much more...

    • Significant changes to Unit stats, Civilizations, and Governments
    • Minor changes to the Technology Tree
    • Rewritten Civilopedia that is up to date with all changes
    • Manual with complete charts & stats included


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