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24 Classical Age Horse Archers 2016-10-05

24 Classical Age Horse Archers

  1. ambrox62
    This set contains 24 Classical Age Horse Archers for civilizations in the ancient Mediterranean zone that I've made, collected or assembled using models and textures released by firaxis or other forum modders. By reading this THREAD you'll understand the purpose of this collection, and you'll find additional in-game screenshots also.

    Mounted archery was an effective tactical system in open country until the introduction of repeating firearms. One of the few commanders who won his first battle against horse archers was Alexander the Great. He defeated Scythians in 329BCE at the Battle of Jaxartes (the Syr Darya river). Even so, the Jaxartes marked the north-easternmost border of Alexander's realm in Asia, and he never ventured beyond into the heartlands of the horse nomads. Other commanders of heavy troops had disastrous experiences, including Crassus at the Battle of Carrhae.

    This set reproduces a early version of horse archers, covering the timeline between bronze and classical ages. Archers don't use the saddle and are equipped with wooden bow and arrows. There are 6 different kind of archers upon 12 different painted horses, using light and dark brown weapons. I have chosen the egyptian model because it has proper animations for the quiver on the back, both for close and distant combat.

    As usual, I've made these units 100% playable with nifscope, because I like to download civ4 stuff and run it immediately. Furthermore these units have both shader and no-shader nif and the lesser number as possible of art files, in order to reduce memory usage.

    Use egyptian horsearcher artdefine for xml purpose. The package contains a animation folder for convenience ("anim"), and a "anim_effects" folder to manage the different kind of arrows when they reach the opposite field, otherwise a "custom" arrow starting from a horsearcher turns into a "standard" arrow during its way (read HERE for more details). Also I included into "anim_effects" folder a detailed aho_arrows_readme.txt file to explain how to manage arrow effects.

    Credits go to EVERYONE who made ancient units before me.

    Check this THREAD to visit my CLASSICAL AGE units collection ;)


    1. aho_shot_94t.jpg
    2. aho_view_ov2.jpg