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24 Stone Age Scouts - 2nd version 2016-10-05

24 Stone Age Scouts - 2nd version

  1. ambrox62
    This set contains 24 Stone Age Scouts that I've made, collected or assembled using models and textures released by firaxis or other forum modders.

    By reading this THREAD you'll understand the purpose of this collection, and you'll find additional in-game screenshots also.

    In the process of learning blender, I reworked my previous scouts in order to improve their look. Nothing really new here, simply an attempt to do old stuff better. Now you have 3 fresh meshes to reuse or reskin at your pleasure because I made them with removeable parts.

    Compare to previous version, the most important differences are:
    they wear real shorts instead of textured ones
    they carry a backpack smaller than the previous one
    they have a removeable smaller horn, which no more collides with backpack animation
    they have better heads for middle-east and european models

    These units are fully playable with nifscope, have both shader and no-shader nif and all strictly needed art files. Use vanilla scout artdefine for xml purpose. The package contains 1 animation folder for convenience, but you may use vanilla scout animation for all models.

    Credits go to EVERYONE who made ancient units before me.

    Check this THREAD to visit my complete Stone Age units collection ;)

    Spoiler :