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24 Stone Age Warriors 2016-10-05

24 Stone Age Warriors

  1. ambrox62
    A set of Stone Age Warriors that I've made, collected or assembled using models and textures released by firaxis or other forum modders.

    Reading this POST you'll understand the purpose of this collection, and you'll also find additional in-game screenshots.

    Looking at or judging these units, you MUST consider the timeline. During the stone age period, NONE of the involved civilizations had existed, as you see on this marvellous CIVILIZATION CHART. As consequence I chose a nude-look design for units, only dressed with leather, animal skins or rough textiles and equipped with wood, stone or bone weapons. I decided to give to hellenistic and middle-east civs a bit more of civilized appearence, reflecting their future historical development.

    Credits go to EVERYONE who made ancient units before me

    This set contains 24 warriors matching the 24 civs of TAM mod.
    Each model comes with both shader and no-shader nif, all strictly needed art files, full working animations, modded UV to optimize facial traits.
    The package also contains a full animation folder for convenience, but you may refer to vanilla warrior animation for all models.
    Use vanilla warrior artdefine for xml purpose.

    Updated in May 12 to fix wrong SkinPartitions in several nifs.
    It should increase graphic ingame performance.

    Spoiler :