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25 Classical Age Light Cavalry Units 2016-10-05

25 Classical Age Light Cavalry Units

  1. ambrox62
    This package contains 25 Classical Age Light Cavalry Units for civilizations in the ancient Mediterranean zone that I've made, collected or assembled using models and textures released by firaxis or other forum modders. By reading this THREAD you'll understand the purpose of this collection, and you'll find additional in-game screenshots also.

    I used vanilla keshik and companion anims to produce 10 different models, working on heads, weapons and textures.
    These units are 100% playable with nifscope, have both shader and no-shader nif and the lesser number as possible of art files, in order to reduce memory usage. The package contains 2 animation folders for convenience, but you may use the vanilla keshik and companion animations as well.
    All units equipped with spear use keshik anims; all units equipped with sword use companion anims.

    Credits go to EVERYONE who made ancient units before me.

    Check this THREAD to visit my CLASSICAL AGE units collection ;)


    1. cli_shot0_Gt4.jpg
    2. cli_shot1_i5d.jpg
    3. cli_shot2_v2v.jpg
    4. cli_view_5lA.jpg