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3 Anti-gravity tanks 2016-10-05

3 Anti-gravity tanks

  1. The Great Apple
    The first batch of hover tanks for the 40k mod. As I type they are rolling... errr... floating... off the production lines, ready to kill some arrogant Space Marines

    Falcon Grav Tank (descriptions stolen from the 40k units thread, along with bad spelling...):
    "Gracefull swoopy Tank unit. It hovers so it moves two spaces and ignores swamps and hill and can rebase n' stuff."

    EDIT: I forgot to stick the death animation in with the falcon! I've attached it, and it's now sitting at the bottom of this post!

    Fire Prism:
    "Like the Falcon, the Fire prism moves two spaces and ignores swamps and hills and rebases. It is a fairly heavy tank."

    "Mobile Arty which can atatck and defend are rebase and all that cool stuff"

    All 3 come with what sounds I could put together. Next up should be another load of grav tanks probs (wave serpent, firestorm, cobra), as I can base them on these guys, and can steal some animations from myself. I released these three now, as they are done, and I don't know how long the other three will take me to do.

    Have fun!

    EDIT: And here is the poor forgotten lost falcon death flic...

    EDIT 2: Fixed .ini also attached for the falcon

    EDIT 3: Fixed pedia .pcxs for all of them (wrong colour depth...) Attached below!