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31 Civ Random 250x250 Huge Epic Map 2016-10-05

31 Civ Random 250x250 Huge Epic Map

  1. Puppeteer
    You will have 30 opponents. You will want to pick the Huge map which will be a randomly-generated 250x250 map in this scenario. The tech rate has been slowed, some naval unit movements have been modified, and the OCN is set to 28.

    They designed this for all-war succession games which is the reason for slowing the tech rate. It might make for a slower single-player epic game.

    Unzip the biq to your .../CivilazationIII/Conquests/Scenarios directory.
    Start game by choosing Civ-Content on startup screen. Find the AWvs30civs (250X250).biq entry and proceed from there.

    Matt_G attached this to a post in July 2008, but I think it belongs here, too.

    Text from the readme.txt in the zip file inside spoiler tag:
    Spoiler :
    Design by GR7 succession game team. Extensive testing in subsequent Sucession games by Greebley
    This is a minor change to the normal map generator specifically for Always War versus 30 Civilizations. It could be used for a normal game but the tech rate would be slow.
    The size has been increased so the amount of land each civilization gets is slightly more than normal
    For Always War games, the tech rate is pretty important. A slower tech rate is used here. It takes longer to conquer your continent on a map this size and the AI has more partners to trade with. This scenario allows you time to build a good start to your empire during the ancient times and into the middle ages.
    Ship movement is slightly increased.
    It has been extensively tested in succession games and I personally think the tech speed is well balanced. Search for games started by me with 30 civs. GR7 (first such game) or later.
    Creation credit goes to Matt_G.
    Unzip the biq to your .../CivilazationIII/Conquests/Scenarios directory.
    Start game by choosing Civ-Content on startup screen. Find the GR7 (250X250) entry and proceed from there.

    One catch. You must choose a "huge" world to get a 250X250 map.
    That is the only one I changed the size on. If you choose say standard, you will get a standard 100X100 map.
    As I said above, I did change the OCN and Tech Rate for all world sizes due to the world size bug.

    1) Naval movements given below
    2) Tech Rate to 650. (for all map sizes)
    3) OCN is at 28. (for all map sizes)
    4) Changed scenario properties to allow all 31 civs.
    5) Changed size of huge map to 250X250.
    Credit for unit movements goes to LKendter. They were taken from his world map of similar size.
    Curragh - 2 - 2 no change
    Galley - 3 - 3 no change
    Dromon - 3 - 3 no change
    Carrack - 4 - 5 (+1)
    Caravel - 4 - 5 (+1)
    Galleon - 4 - 5 (+1)
    Frigate - 5 - 6 (+1)
    Man-O-War - 5 - 6 (+1)
    Privateer - 5 - 7 (+2)
    Ironclad - 3 - 5 (+2)
    Destroyer - 8 - 9 (+1)
    Cruiser - 6 - 7 (+1)
    Battleship - 5 - 7 (+2)
    Carrier - 7 - 7 no change
    Transport - 6 - 7 (+1)
    Submarine - 4 - 5 (+1)
    Nuclear Sub - 5 - 7 (+2)
    Aegis Cruiser - 7 - 9 (+2)