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7 of 9 leads the Borg 2.04

7 of 9 has found herself deep in Earth's past with the opportunity to create a new Borg

  1. CivilizationAce
    7 of 9 Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero had one last interaction with the Borg.

    She infiltrated a Borg cube, the ship designed for the Borg's second attempt to change Earth's past, this time by erasing all life on the planet before humans achieved civilization. By the time she managed to sabotage the ship it was already in the past. She beamed herself to the planet surface shortly before the ship exploded. Unfortunately, unlike in their first attempt, this time the Borg had accounted for the possibility of sabotage, so the ship exploded with devastating force. Earth's surface was shattered. At first 7 thought that all was lost. She found her way out of the continent wide area of lava flows, earthquakes and heavy volcanic activity. When she reached the other side of the planet she discovered that, despite the reshaping of the continents, evolution, and more importantly homosapiens evolution, had continued without a noticeable pause.

    The Borg cube's explosion came with an electromagnetic pulse that wiped most of 7's digitally stored knowledge and disrupted many of her systems, leaving her with knowledge of how to maintain her systems and use some of her technology, but not the details of how it all works. Now that humanity has achieved the basic building blocks of civilization 7 has begun to use her nano-probes to make a collective with humanity's greatest strength – individuality.
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Recent Reviews

  1. darfindel
    Version: 2.03
    looks good but did not work, more information required, what other mods i need to have and in which version of civ6 it works with