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750 AD [BTS] 2016-10-05

750 AD [BTS]

  1. veBear
    The year is 750 AD, and even though the Cordobans broke free, the Abbasid Caliphate is flourishing as the greatest empire on the face of earth. At the same time, the barbaric Norse people are roaming the coast of Northern Europe, forcing a halt in the expansion of the Carolignean Empire. Further east, the Pala Empire is about to rise, though if they are not careful, the emerging Tibetans could be an obstacle as they too seek for glory days to come. All this again, is a threat to China, who will have to ensure peace to continue its age of enlightenment, though over the great oceans, an even greater threat arrises to an even smaller nation, the Mayans. Now the decision falls upon you. Can you lead a nation into a golden age of flourishing trade and great technological advancements? Can you create a civilization who can stand the test of time?

    1. Abbasid Caliphate (Arabia) - Harun al-Rashid (Saladin) - Easy
    2. Carolignean Empire (HRE) - Charlemagne - Medium
    3. Byzantine Empire - Michael III (Justinian) - Medium
    4. Norse Kingdoms (Vikings) - Ragnar Lodbrok - Easy
    5. Emirate of Córdoba (Arabia) - Abd ar-Rahman I (Cyrus) - Easy
    6. Tang Dynasty (China) - Xuanzong (Qin-Shi Huang) - Easy
    7. Tibetan Empire (Mongols) - Trisong Detsen (Darius) - Easy
    8. Sri Vijaya Confederacy (Khmer) - Dharmasetu (Surajavarman) - Medium
    9. Yamato Japan (Japan) - Kammu (Tokugawa) - Hard
    10. Kingdom of Axum (Ethiopia) - Wedem 'Asfare (Zara Yaqob) - Very Hard
    11. Pala Empire (India) - Gopala (Asoka) - Easy
    12. Khazar Khaganate (Mongols) - Bulan (Brennus) - Hard
    13. Uighur (Mongols) - Tengri Bögü (Genghis Khan) - Hard
    14. Maya Cities (Mayan) - Pacal - Extreamly Hard

    Minor Nations (can not be interacted with, at war with everyone):
    15. Wari Empire (Inca)
    16. Toltec Nation (Aztecs)
    17. American Tribes (Native America)

    I think that should be all info you need.
    Enjoy, and do not forget to rate and chack out other files in my thread :king:


    1. 750_ad_civs_screen_miY.jpg
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    11. 750_ad_pala_empire_on_the_rise_in_india_2L5.jpg
    12. 750_ad_the_maya_zzU.jpg