8 Ages of Pace

8 Ages of Pace v2.1.0 Release

Installation instructions

Option A: Use Steam, search for this mod on the Civ6 workshop

Option B: Download v2.0 (link to right of this page) and unzip into your mod folder (if you have a previous version of the mod, delete that folder first). The file path should read
.../My Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods/8 Ages of Pace/8AgesOfPace.modinfo
When creating a new game go to additional content and click 'enable mod'

Do you find the pacing of the game feels off? Eras rush pass you at break neck speed? No time to build wonders, improvements or districts until they're no longer needed? Units move so slowly on roads the war is over before they get anywhere? Borders full of holes even in the modern era (which begins in 1500)?

Then 8 Ages of Pace is the mod for you! This mod fixes many of the imbalances in the pace of the game such that it feels complete from the Ancient to the Information era. Changes include more significant road upgrades with passing eras, slightly faster border growth, and techs/civics that get significantly more expensive with later eras. All side effects of these changes have been properly taken into account (such as GP cost and the science boost they give).

First released in Oct 2016, this mod has been balanced and tested thoroughly! Compatible with all other mods tested. I'm happy with the current state of the mod. There are no plans for future releases at the moment, but I am always looking for feedback/bug reports/suggestions. Happy civing!

Changes from Vanilla to v2.1
The cost of civics and techs has been increased in every era according to
Ancient: +0%
Classical: +25%
Medieval: +50%
Renaissance: +80%
Industrial: + 120%
Modern: + 160%
Atomic: +210%
Information: + 260%

The cost of Great people has also been increased, by 0.4x the numbers above. Great people that give a one-off boost of science and culture have been boosted accordingly.

The movement bonus of roads has been completely reset. The different roads are now
Ancient: Unchanged
Classical: Bridges rivers, all tiles cost 0.625 moves
Renaissance (used to be industrial): all tiles cost 0.375
Modern: tiles cost 0.25 of a move

The culture required to increase borders has been reduced, popping the second ring is ~50% faster. Specifically, CULTURE_COST_LATER_PLOT_MULTIPLIER has been halved to 3 and CULTURE_COST_LATER_PLOT_EXPONENT increased to 1.4.

The food required to increase pop has been increased for larger cities (with negligible impact on cities smaller than 6) to compensate for the longer game. Specifically, CITY_GROWTH_EXPONENT changed from 1.5 to 2.1.

The in game calendar has been changed so that the date displayed with the turn counter matches more closely the historical level of progress reached at that point. Combined with the tech/civic cost changes, reaching the medieval era in 1000BC is now virtually impossible, and staying up to date with historical progress in the modern era and onward will require a large economic power base.

This mod has been written in a way to be as compatible as possible. This means it should work with mods that modify the tech tree mods, add maps/great people/civilizations/leaders, modify the interface and so on. However it is likely to clash with mods that affect how much culture is required to grow borders, speed on roads, and how much food is needed to grow pop. The mod, surprisingly, does not disable achievements; I suspect this is on oversight from Firaxis/Steam. Designed with 8 Ages of War in mind, so those are 100% guaranteed to be compatible.

Known Issues
Interface problems where the distance that a unit can move in one turn is sometimes not displaying properly when moving on roads. This happens when different roads are from different eras and is a bug in the unmodded game.

Changes between previous versions are detailed below

Spoiler :

The in game calendar has been changed so that the date displayed matches more closely the historical level of progress reached at that point. For every game speed (online, quick, standard, epic and marathon) the new calendar assumes that the player will spend ~1/10th of the total in game time in each era which are given the approximate historical start dates of: 4000BC, 800BC, 450AD, 1200AD, 1700AD, 1900AD, 1950AD, 2000AD for Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial, Modern, Atomic and Information era respectively. The remaining turns are squeezed in between 2025 and 2050AD. Slight discrepancies between those dates exist between different game speeds due to rounding errors.

Small changes to the mod based on feedback received. The late game tech/civics increase has been reduced and is now:
Ancient: +0%
Classical: +25%
Medieval: +50%
Renaissance: +80%
Industrial: + 120%
Modern: + 160% (Used to be +170%)
Atomic: +210% (Used to be +230%)
Information: + 260% (Used to be +300%)

The cost of Great People has also been reduced. The increase in each era is by x0.4 of the numbers listed above (used to be 0.5).

No changes to roads, city growth or borders (see below for full change log)

v1.1 Beta
Added readme.txt to mod download

Population Growth
CITY_GROWTH_EXPONENT changed from 1.5 to 2.1. This increases how much food large cities need to grow. Makes no real difference to small cities (6 pop or smaller) but the increase is noticeable once they hit their teens. This is to compensate for there being more turns for cities to grow in before housing increases.

Classical roads cost 0.625 moves (used to be 0.666)
Renaissance roads cost 0.375 moves (used to be 0.333)
Using binary fractions solves some of the rounding issues. This means that there are fewer interface problems and that changes toUnitPanel.lua are no longer needed.
Renaissance roads are now called so in game (used to be industrial)
Civilopedia description of roads updated

Modern Era scales by 2.7 (was 2.6)
Atomic Era scales by 3.3 (was 3.2)
Great People cost increase has been reduced to half the increase of techs and civics. I.e. Industrial techs cost 2.2 times as much as vanilla, but industrial great people only cost 1.6 times as much.
Great people actions that give a one-off boost to science or culture have had that amount increased in line with eras.
Changed the sql code which does this, makes it easier for users to change the values themselves.

v1a Alpha
Missing tag fixed in file. Saveplay compatibility maintained.

v1 Alpha
Roads give increased movement, more marked in later eras
Classical roads - tiles cost 2/3 of a move
Industrial roads - moved to the renaissance, tiles costs 0.4 moves
Modern roads - tiles cost 1/4 of a move
Changes to UnitPanel.lua to deal with decimal to binary rounding errors

Border growth rate significantly increased, eg: 50% faster to pop second ring.

The cost of technologies and civics has been increased in later eras (cost of great people increased by the same amount to compensate longer duration of eras)
Ancient - no change
Classical - cost increased by 1.25
Medieval - cost increased by 1.5
Renaissance - 1.8
Industrial - 2.2
Modern - 2.6
Atomic - 3.2
Information - 4
Thanks to Gedemon and alpaca for the idea and code template for this

Feedback about balance or bugs greatly appreciated, as are suggestions about future changes!
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 12 ratings

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Latest reviews

Besides a small calamity with opera houses (which I'm not even sure of it's this mod causing it) everything works as advertised and more. Makes the game sooo much more fun and entertaining.
A must have for a more balanced game.
I don't believe opera houses are in Civ6? I'm guessing they're being added in by another mod. If you send me the details of that mod, a save file and a description of the problem I can try to see what's going on.
Now you can finally fight a war or two with your braven legionnaries instead of takeing five steps towards enemy and instantly having to upgrade them to musketmen. Or make game play in a particular era. Or try and do something realistic like pumping that slow mo for ancient era and medieval and speeding up things later. Just don't forget to turn off auto-victory and ignore the clock as you bring glory of republic rome to the barbari in 2020 ad IN SPACE.
This is a great little mod. Improves some of the niggly things I didn't like about vanilla. Good job!
Definitely changes the game. For the better. Teching in vanilla was way too fast. This helps with that. Highly recommended.
So much more smooth experience, much better pacing.
It really makes the game more interesting. Tactics and unit compositions matter, as your units will no longer be outdated by the time they reach your opponent and vica versa.
Can't play without it.
Exactly what I wanted in a mod. THANKS!
great mod so far, treat a very relevant issue. Keep updating sir we need this.
This game pacing is much better for me than vanilla. Thank you very much for this.
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