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8 Ages of Pace v2.1.0 Release

Makes the game run at a more comfortable pace

  1. Calendar Update

    This update only really contains a cosmetic update - the in game calendar shown next to the turn date will progress differently - which should lead to more realistic match ups between scientific advancement and dates. The total number of turns in the game is for same as before for every game speed, and always runs from 4000BC to 2050AD, but the date will progress much faster in the early eras and slightly slower in the later eras. The values have been picked assuming that the player spends...
  2. Stable release: minor tweaks and on steam

    Small changes to the mod based on feedback received. The late game tech/civics increase has been reduced and is now:
    Ancient: +0%
    Classical: +25%
    Medieval: +50%
    Renaissance: +80%
    Industrial: + 120%
    Modern: + 160% (Used to be +170%)
    Atomic: +210% (Used to be +230%)
    Information: + 260% (Used to be +300%)

    The cost of Great People has also been reduced. The increase in each era is by x0.4 of the numbers listed above (used to be 0.5).

    No changes to roads, city growth or borders (see below for...
  3. Fall patch update

    Tiny changes to the way the mod is handled to make it work with the Fall patch.

    Save file compatibility maintained.
  4. Version 1.1 (Beta)

    New version of 8 Ages of Pace is out! See the OP for details of changes